10 Electric Fireplaces That Turn Up the Heat

If a smokey, wood-burning hearth seems like a hassle, these sleek and clean electric fireplaces will warm you up—with no mess to bring you down.

  1. Not Your Uncle’s Electric Fireplace


    Kingsway Reno

    Yesterday's electric fireplaces are long gone; so, too, are their obviously artificial flames. Innovations in technology and design have made these appliances not only more efficient, but also more authentic-looking. Whether portable or hardwired, electric fireplaces are a hot option for interior walls and any other part of the home not accessible to outside venting. Click through to see nine favorite models.

  2. Space Saver

    Electricfireplace 2


    Heat & Glo’s Simplifyre is mounted in-wall at a height typically reserved for wall-hung paintings, but when a fireplace is this beautiful, who's to say that it's not art?

  3. Retrofit

    Electricfireplace 3


    Retrofitting an existing wood-burning fireplace is easy with an electric insert like this one, which is molded from real logs for a convincingly authentic look. LED lighting technology makes possible a rather detailed simulation that includes flames and embers—even an inner-log glow.

  4. Long and Lean

    Electricfireplaces 4


    A tailored fit for modern interiors, Napoleon's 48"-long electric fireplace features a stone-ember bed that's set within a dramatically horizontal profile.

  5. Mod Squad

    Electricfireplace 5


    The Mini Cube electric stove from Dimplex comes available in fun colors (e.g., fire engine red), so while kicking out the heat, it can also provide a bright focal point in decor.

  6. Two-Faced

    Electricfireplace 6


    The generously sized viewing area of this double-sided electric fireplace means it can heat two rooms at once. Starting at $1,429 from Heat & Glo, the unit plugs into a regular wall outlet and operates for about five cents a day.

  7. New Old

    Electricfireplace 7


    A traditional-look stove with a three-dimensional flame gives you the best of both worlds: a rustic, old-fashioned experience and the modern convenience of zero cleanup.

  8. Clean Lines

    Electricfireplaces 8


    Cleverly designed with a tinted reflection panel that exaggerates the firebox size, Napoleon's 30" electric fireplace, though deeply appealing, is shallow enough to permit easy installation.

  9. Double Duty

    Electricfireplaces 9


    The Jasper media cabinet from Dimplex is perhaps the ultimate two-in-one. Shown here in Black Ash, the unit combines an electric fireplace and a television in one sleek and space-smart arrangement. 

  10. Cheap and Chic



    Northern Tool offers an affordable yet luxurious electric fireplace that features a rounded front, two power settings, and a sophisticated, contemporary appearance.

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