10 Enchanting Landscape Lighting Solutions

Lighting the outside of your home is just as important as lighting the inside. And the same principles apply—you want to provide a combination of overall, task, and accent lighting. Overall lighting will illuminate general areas like driveways and entryways, enhancing safety and security. Task lighting is most important for your walkways and outdoor dining areas. Accent lighting helps bring to life great features of your home and landscape, such as architectural details and trees. You don’t need nearly as much light outdoors as indoors, but there are places that you can’t ignore, such as pathways, steps, decks, entryways, and driveways. Once you have those covered, move on to highlighting the parts of your property that deserve to shine, no matter the time of day. So, take a walk around your yard tonight and see how many of these types of lighting you can put into play.

  1. Flood Lights

    Flood Lights

    Installing flood lights around your home will illuminate areas of your property that would otherwise be in darkness after sunset. They're excellent security enhancements. Put direct flood lights onto treetops to create a spectacular accent for the front or back of your yard.


  2. Accent Lights

    Outdoor Accent Lights

    Accent lighting can help create a focal point in your outdoor space, highlighting landscaping, railings, or hardscapes. The accent lights on this bar draw attention to the area and provide general atmospheric lighting that sets just the right mood.


  3. Wall-Mounted Lights

    Outdoor Wall Mounted Lights

    The wall-mounted lights on the front entryway of this home serve multiple purposes. Their simple and elegant design complements the facade, and their placement provides general lighting, accents the structure, and illuminates the walkway.


  4. Ceiling Lights

    Outdoor Ceiling Lights

    Covered patio spaces and pergolas can benefit from outdoor ceiling fixtures. Hanging lights in these spaces not only illuminates the conversation area, but also helps to provide a warm ambience on summer nights.


  5. Well Lighting

    Outdoor Well Lighting

    Outdoor well lights are installed in the ground and can provide uplight to both structures and landscaping. The well lighting around this pond highlights the plantings and reflects on the water below, casting a charming glow over the entire space.


  6. Pool Lighting

    Pool Lighting

    The fiber-optic lighting in this pool imitates the reflection of a starry sky on the water’s surface, transforming an earthly area into an absolutely otherworldly relaxation space.

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  7. Pathway Lighting

    Pathway Lighting

    Border a pathway with low-profile fixtures to brighten the walk and enliven the entrance to your home. There are plentiful options in both low-voltage and solar fixtures that can accommodate any style and budget.

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  8. Step Lighting

    Outdoor Step Lighting

    Though small, the wall-mounted fixtures along this stairway provide bright illumination to the treads. Tucked away along the wall, their small profile allows them to create a stunning visual as night falls.

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  9. Post Lighting

    Post Lighting

    Post lighting is a very traditional approach to general lighting for an outdoor space. Post lights can provide extra security for garages, walkways, and driveways, while serving as a stylish counterpart to your home’s architecture.


  10. Spot Lighting

    Outdoor Spot Lighting

    Give artwork and fountains the star treatment outdoors with spot lighting. Focusing light on a sculpture or water feature will ensure it remains the focal point of your space no matter what time of day it is.

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