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10 Extras to DIY for Your Kitchen

Want something special for the kitchen? You can buy, or you can DIY. The argument for the latter? You end up with exactly what you need, which makes preparing mouthwatering masterpieces so much easier—and, really, much more fun. Click through for 10 crafty projects to personalize your kitchen. And remember, it's all in the details.

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Up, Up, and Away

Make use of that vertical space! This genius idea, courtesy of A Beautiful Mess, combines towel bars, bamboo utensil holders, and shower hooks to create oodles of room for everything from wooden spoons to hanging plants—an on-point example of what can happen when pretty and practical pieces come together.

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Whip It!

Sick of forgetting about that bulb of garlic or that stray avocado in your produce drawer? Fan out an old whisk following this Instructables how-to, and then hang it up as a killer shelf for your ripening produce. Your veggies will be off of the counter and yet still only an arm’s length away.

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Caffeine Fix

Transform a generic teakettle into a statement-making stove topper. HomeMade Modern’s tutorial shows you how to use a cordless drill to replace boring plastic handles with unique wooden accents, turning an everyday object into a keepsake you’ll treasure for years to come.

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A Bright Idea

Wooden spoons are handy to have around pretty much anytime you’re in the kitchen! So why not dress up these staples to spread a little more joy every time they’re used? Etsy seller ReInventHome uses nontoxic, waterproof paint to add pops of complementary colors to decorate the ends of basic wooden spoons.

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Stormy Server

For a simply dreamy kitchen, create a too-cute cloud-shaped platter and coordinating raindrop coasters from a marble slab and white glazed ceramic tiles. While this DIYer used a water jet machine, you can easily bring the Instructables templates to a machine shop where they can cut out the shapes for you.

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Looking Sharp

It’s a fact of life: Counter space is a precious commodity. That’s why we love eHow’s rustic knife rack, which makes that bulky block sitting on your counter obsolete. Using basic magnets and a wood board mounted to the wall, all of your best blades will be at the ready whenever you need to slice and dice—without having to guess which knife is which.

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To a Tea

Dress up basic white tea towels as more sophisticated fare using only a few humble supplies: white flour sack towels, an indigo dye kit, and a five-gallon bucket. Following Lovely Indeed’s step-by-step will leave you setting your table with elegant linens at a fraction of the price you’d have paid at the department store.

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Weird Science

Any cook worth her salt (pun intended) will tell you the importance of using spices. The only rub? A diverse spice collection can hog up a bunch of precious cabinet space. Instructables offers a downright scientific solution: placing each spice in a test tube and storing the tubes in a block of wood that’s had holes bored into it.

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Across the Board

Francois et Moi’s do-it-yourself cutting board project uses painter’s tape, Plasti Dip paint, and a sizable piece of walnut or hickory to make a functional and fashionable kitchen accessory. Making this board is so easy that it’s a wonder why anyone would pay for one.

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Pantry Staples

Keep all your dry ingredients, such as sugar, flour, and oats, both fresh and a delight to behold. All you need is clear glass jars, spray paint, foam letters, a Sharpie, and this handy step-by-step from This Little Street. You’re sure to smile every time you start cooking breakfast from here on out.

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