10 Great Tools to Give Your Recent Grad

Equip the recent graduate in your life with the tools necessary for life in the real world—and we don't mean that metaphorically!

Digital Tape Measure

Digital Tape Measure

Forever handy, the tape measure is arguably improved upon by its digital cousin, which features a digital display with memory storage. Plus, the tool reads out different units (metric and imperial) at the touch of a button.


Mini Pocket Tool Set

Pocket Tools

This multi-tool includes a bottle opener, mini saw, awl and pull-out knife. Also included are spring-loaded pliers, two flathead screwdrivers, and an LED folding light. Personalize it for the graduate with engraved initials on the handle.


Beer Hammer

Hammer Bottle Opener

Every tool should multitask—even the tried and true hammer. Not only can this one drive a nail, but it can also open a cold one, so your graduate can easily shift from doing the job to celebrating the job being done.


Flexible Flashlight

Gorilla Torch

The ninja of flashlights, Joby’s Gorilla Torch has flexible legs and super-magnetic feet, so it can attach to just about anything. Equipped with a dimmer, the product is perfect for assorted DIY projects and late-night activities.


Universal Cable Hub

Universal Cable

The world has gone wireless, but we are still bound by cables of all sorts. Help the grad keep clutter to a minimum with a universal multi-cable hub. Compact and convenient, this leather roll-up gets the job done well—and with style, too.


Allen Keys

Allen Keys

Whether used to assemble a flat-pack bookcase or to repair a second-hand desk chair, Allen keys are indispensable for the recent grad. This set allows numerous keys of different sizes to fold up within one handy package.


iPod Speakers

iPod Speakers

Ideal for travel, this small yet powerful speaker system (from Lucky) delivers satisfying sound to grads on the go. When plugged in, the unit serves as a docking station; with fully charged batteries, it can play for 24 hours continuously.


Laser Level Square

Laser Level

The Stanley Laser Level Square makes hanging posters and shelving a snap. The tool shoots out a 30-foot-long laser guide, and the integrated sticky putty means it can be affixed to the wall, so you can work hands-free.


6-in-1 Hammer

6 in 1 Tool

While Gam Hammer (from Restoration Hardware) pounds and extrudes the toughest nails, its handle contains four screwdrivers—two Phillips heads, two flatheads—the smallest of which fits most eyeglasses. 


Gift Card

Gift Card

Don’t forget an iTunes gift card! In the App Store, there's something for every grad, no matter his needs: converting units of measurement, creating room layouts, or choosing a new paint color.


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