10 Insanely Creative Shelves You Can DIY

Why not DIY shelves to hold hardcovers, collectibles, or home office supplies? Better yet, tackle DIY shelves that are as eye-catching as the items they put on display. If you want a little inspiration before you dive in, don’t miss these favorite projects from around the Web!

Suited for Souvenirs

Suitcase Shelf

Vintage suitcases are perfect for displaying travel souvenirs and airplane reading material. Mount a small valise of your own or pick up a pair from your local thrift store. Or shop with Etsy seller thecherrychic and put the time saved toward planning your next trip.


Get Off the Street and onto the Walls

Skateboard Shelf

Breathe new life into a worn-down skateboard by converting it into a shelf. Anchor the deck to the wall, with or without wheels, using L-brackets, as Rebecca at The Crafted Sparrow did. And remember that if you don't have a skateboard hanging around in your garage or basement, you can always buy one at the local big-box retailer. If the cheapest model sports a design you don't like, simply give it a coat of new paint.


Say Goodbye to Your Junk Drawer

DIY Drawer Shelves

When life gives you more drawers than you need—perhaps you found a dresser on the curb?—turn the spares into a curio wall shelf like this one, spotted on The Perfect Shade of Grey. Line the drawer bottoms with leftover wallpaper for added personality, then get hanging.


From Shoes to Shelf

Shoebox Shelves

Need another reason to buy shoes? Those boxes come in handy for . To turn them into shelves like Creme de la Craft did, choose boxes in good condition (no bent corners or flimsy cardboard), and decorate them with paint or scrapbook paper. Finish by nailing the boxes to the wall. Voila! An inexpensive way to showcase your tchotchkes.

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Reach a High Note

Guitar Shelf

This formerly beat-up guitar's second life is music to our eyes. After cutting an opening in its front and sanding off the finish—step-by-step instructions for this available from DIY Budget Girl—an old guitar becomes a ready shell for shelves. Hang the instrument from a hook on the wall to store a CD collection or non-music-related memorabilia.


DIY This Crafty Supply

Paint Can Shelving

If you're a weekend DIY veteran, chances are you have more than a few paint buckets lying around the garage from past projects. Dress them up with a coat of plastic-friendly paint, as seen on Ohoh Blog, then put them to work as cubby shelves in a playroom, nursery, or office.

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Bring the Outdoors Inside

DIY Branch Shelf

This imaginative structure designed by Koko Architecture + Design incorporates birch tree trimmings between sleek shelves as support columns to elevate storage to new natural heights. The result? A just-right balance of modern and rustic that complements all types of decor.


Hang Up Heavy-Duty Storage

DIY Pipe Shelves

Shelving is a great place to experiment with the trendy industrial look. As Daniel from Manhattan Nest found, those galvanized metal pipes deliver the sturdy support needed to hold two wooden planks, perfect for rows of beloved books.


Gamer's Choice

Tetris Shelves

Fans of the addictive video game will enjoy this new way to one-up themselves: a set of Tetris-inspired shelves for the home. Kat and Cam of Our Nerd Home simplified the instructions on these units so you can build them from plywood in no time.

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All Tied Up

DIY Hanging Shelves

Put your Boy Scout skills to the test with a set of shelves supported and secured by nothing more sophisticated than rope knots. From Web designer and creative consultant Lindsay Humes, we love this scheme because it leaves room for so many options, including variations of knots and all different types of rope.


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