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10 Low-Cost Cures for an Overstuffed Fridge

We've all been there: After some major grocery shopping, you're forced to play a game of fridge Tetris just to make it all fit in the icebox. The innovative companies behind these products have designed a way out of the meal-time clutter struggle. Take a look at these unique organizers, and see if there's anything here your crowded fridge is missing.

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Pyramid Scheme

There’s nothing like the ice cold taste of your favorite refresher, but chilling those cans in the fridge means less space for everything else. Enter Fridge Monkey, a silicone strip with cutouts designed to grip beverages while staying firmly in place on the refrigerator shelf. Roll up to ten soda or beer bottles, ten cans or nine wine and spirit bottles, or a combination of these for efficient storage. Available at
The Container Store; $6.99.

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Slide-Out Storage

Does the idea of digging out what you need for dinner fill you with dread? Whipping up a meal is a lot easier when you can see all of your options. Double your storage in seconds with this the Smart Design Refrigerator Pull Out Bin. Just slip the rods over your existing shelves to create a slide-out drawer that’s perfect for stashing extra fruits, veggies, or grab-and-go snacks. Available on Amazon; $39.97 for three. 

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Keep It Fresh

Every year, Americans throw away countless pounds of rotten fruits and browned vegetables. That’s a lot of excess waste and money down the drain! Thankfully, greensaver Produce Keepers by OXO are designed to prevent food spoilage, so you can keep your produce fresher for longer. The clever product works in three ways: a carbon filter reduces rot by trapping ethylene gas, an adjustable vent manages the humidity, and a removeable basket controls moisture and airflow. Available at The Container Store; $14.99 – $24.99 each.

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Hanging On

Why do seasoning packets and bottled condiments always seem to get lost in our overstuffed refrigerators? Keep even your smallest products in sight with these hanging mesh bags from Demarkt. To use, hook the bags on the shelves of your refrigerator and fill the divided pockets with snacks, spices, and more. The durable blue and pink mesh is easy to maintain, and it adds a fresh pop of color to your fridge! Available on Amazon; $4.93 for two mesh bags (one blue and one pink).

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Stock Up on Stackables

Everyone needs a method of storing leftovers. That may be why, slowly but surely, a collection of takeout containers has amassed in your kitchen. The only trouble is that different containers from different sources rarely match in size. That makes it difficult to use the limited space in your fridge most efficiently by stacking containers on top of one another. The simple secret: Buy sets of containers that are all the same size. The plastic ones come cheap, but you can actually save money if you invest in containers made of glass. Unlike plastic, glass doesn’t stain or absorb odors. Handle yours carefully, and they can last forever. Available on Amazon; $31.99 per set of three 30-ounce containers.

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Take a Memo

Here’s the secret: There’s no secret to maintaining a tidy fridge. You can (and should) arm yourself with the organizers suited to the food and beverages you that you normally like to keep stocked. But in the end it’s all about diligence and perhaps more importantly, planning. Of course, everyone has their own system for taking notes and making lists, but there’s a distinct advantage to a dry-erase magnet like this one—that is, accessibility. When you notice there aren’t going to be enough eggs for Sunday breakfast, you don’t need to go rummaging around in the junk drawer for a pen. You can simply jot a reminder right on the refrigerator door, an easy arm’s reach away.

Available on Amazon; $12.99.

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Rack 'Em Up

Moving an entire cardboard package of soda cans into the fridge may mean simpler unpacking after a grocery run, but it’s not so efficient in the long run. The box hides stock so that you never know how low you’re running, and even for the week that only two cans remain, the shelf space is in use. Don’t just unbox: Transfer to a structure that stacks your drinks and helps you restock, like the Sorbus Soda Can Beverage Dispenser Rack. This 12-can rack takes up less shelf space than two rows of your favorite drink, and its slanted design remains at the ready to roll out the next cold one. Available at Amazon; $14.

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Under Wraps

If you used takeout containers and Tupperware to house every half an onion and three-quarters green pepper that wasn’t used in dinner prep, you might run out of storage for your actual leftovers—and, over time, usable shelf space. But, you’ll run through box after box of plastic baggies by saving food scraps for future use. This four-piece set of CoverBlubber® food-saving wraps, though, cling to the ends of nearly any fresh-cut fruit or vegetable, open can, or bowl so that each takes up no more space than the food itself. (Plus, they’re all BPA and Phthalates-free!) Available on Amazon; $19.99.

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A Magnetic Idea

Whether your poison is pale ale or Pellegrino, you know it takes a lot of space to store a case of your favorite drink. Next time, hang your bottles from the ceiling of your fridge to free up shelf space for snacks or leftovers. These bottle hanger fridge magnets are strong enough to hold a standard-sized glass bottle and so simple to use you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of this sooner. Available on Amazon; $18.99.

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Fresher for Longer

If your crowded crisper isn’t doing its job (namely, keeping fresh food at its freshest), here’s a handy add-on. The Dualplex Fruit & Veggie Life Extender Liner fits snugly in the bottom of the crisper drawer. It works by lifting fruits and veggies from the floor of the drawer, making room for air to circulate, keeping things fresh without eating up precious space. Available on Amazon; $11.20.

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