10 New Kitchen Products to Make Your Life Better

What if you could get boiling hot water with the flick of a switch or turn on your oven from outside the home? Conveniences that once seemed like science fiction are here-and-now today. We've compiled some of our favorite innovative kitchen products—from easy-glide, pull-out pot storage to an illuminated backsplash—to bring style and convenience to your home and life.

By Caitlin Castelaz | Updated Aug 18, 2015 01:25 PM

Boiling Hot Water

Boiling Water

This new product from InSinkErator offers cold, hot, and near-boiling water, all from the same tap. Unfiltered cold or hot water is easy to come by at any sink, but this clever creation also offers filtered near-boiling water.

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Glideware Cookware Storage


A new storage solution from Glideware revolutionizes your kitchen cabinets by letting you organize all your pots and pans vertically. This award-winning product is also available for closets. 

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Illuminated Backsplash


Lumisplash, from ATI Decorative Laminates, is truly a bright idea. The UL-approved, dimmable LED system lights up your kitchen workspace and offers a durable scratch- and stain-resistant surface. Panels come in many different designs and a variety of lengths and widths.

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Roomy, Feature-Filled Dishwasher

Roomy, Feature-Filled Dishwasher

The new GE Monogram ZDT series dishwashers are generously sized to accommodate tall utensils and containers, and can even clean 16 place settings at one time. Decked out with 102 spray jets and a variety of innovative features, including interior LED illumination, the dishwasher still manages to be so quiet that you may need to check the status indicator light on the door to know that it's running.


Heating Up

Warmly Yours

Do you love the look of granite countertops but find them too cold for a cozy kitchen? WarmlyYours has launched its new FeelsWarm Technology, which enables you to warm your granite and stone countertops up to 25 degrees above room temperature with an easy-to-use control. 

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Best in Show

Smart Oven

The incredible Discovery iQ 30-inch wall oven from Dacor has been called the "smartest" oven by CNET. Featuring an fully integrated, connected tablet, the appliance can be operated by phone whether you're at home or on the go.

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Stylish Cooktops

Viking Cooktop

The elegant sophistication of Viking's Professional cooktops makes them stand out from the pack. The sleek options in gas, electric, and induction surfaces offer superb cooking performance.

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Kitchen Hideaway

Elmwood Kitchens

This pristine, unified interior comes from Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry. The doors to the unit slide away to reveal a dishwasher, sink, and prep space that can be hidden away when not in use, so your guests will see just a clean, sleek wall.

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Beyond the Cooler

Pouring Wine

Wine lovers can now outfit their kitchen with the Discovery WineStation by Dacor. This stainless-steel beauty allows you to pour a glass with the touch of a button. Not only can this appliance dispense up to four wines, but it will keep your opened wines fresh for up to 60 days. 

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Pull-Out Pantry

Pull-Out Pantry

The Lavido pantry pull-out system from Hafele America keeps the contents of your cupboards completely accessible and at easy reach. The unit slides smoothly into place, and the slip-proof platforms keep dishes secure. Available with four or six shelves.

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