10 New Ways to Reimagine Old Musical Instruments

Many of us have musical instruments that occupy a special place in our hearts, even if they no longer occupy a place in our lives. It's hard to imagine parting with your first guitar or disposing of a piano that nobody plays. Instead of letting an instrument with sentimental value gather dust, why not make it perform again as part of your home decor? Here are 10 repurposed instruments—from a tuba fountain birdbath to a trumpet iPod amplifier—to inspire both your inner musician and DIY ambitions. Play it again, Sam!

French Horn Lamp

French Horn Lamp

Breathe new life into your retired French horn by turning it into a custom-made lamp. The clean lines of a simple wood base and lampshade offer a striking contrast to the graceful curves of the brass instrument. This project goes a tad beyond rewiring a lamp, but the effort will be enlightening. 


Guitar Shelf

DIY Guitar Shelf

Chic sensibility meets savvy versatility in this guitar shelf unit. Hang it on the wall or prop it against the floor and fill it with books and knickknacks, or even install it in the kitchen as a spice rack. A lively color will strike a totally new chord.


Drum Kit Hanging Lights

Drum Light

Pay tribute to bold decor with these drum kit pendant lights. Group many drums near each other for a big statement, or space them out for added interest. Cymbals giving you problems? Hang them on the wall for extra flash.


Piano Bar

Piano Bar

Here's one piano bar that really lives up to its name. But, don't feel limited by the wordplay. Your old upright or grand piano can be converted into any number of useful pieces, from bookshelves to workbenches. All it takes it a little ingenuity and vision. 

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Drum Side Table

Drum Side Table

Why not take that vintage drum and put it to good decorative use? Even in its heavily worn state, this drum side table doesn't miss a beat. You can bet it's heavy-duty enough to handle any number of drinks, books, and decorative objects.


Guitar Clock

DIY Guitar Clock

While it no longer plays music, this guitar certainly keeps good time. A little decoupage, some sheet music, and an inexpensive clock mechanism went into the transformation. A CD covers the sound hole (and conceals the clock mechanics), while guitar picks mark the quarter hours. 

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Candle Holder

Piano Pedal Candle Holder

This piano-pedal-turned-candleholder strikes a perfect harmony between simplicity and charm. Merely placing candles in the existing holes transformed this unused musical element into a one-of-a-kind accent.


Tuba Birdbath

Repurposed Tuba

Sure, feathered friends will enjoy splashing around in this tuba birdbath, but think of the joy it will bring to you and visitors to your garden. Lengths of flexible tubing, a fountain pump, and some DIY plumbing smarts are all it would take to create one of your own. 


iPhone Amplifiers

Trumpet Speaker

This repurposed trumpet acts just like a regular trumpet, except instead of playing the blues, it plays your iPhone! No external power source is necessary—simply insert your smartphone, hit play, and let the good times roll. 


Piano Shelves

Grand Piano Shelving

A grand piano gets a second chance to bring down the house as a shelving unit in a kid's room. We love how the musical theme is carried throughout the room's design, from the piano-key rug to the musical notations on the chalkboard-painted wall. 


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