10 Things You Didn't Know Chapstick Can Do

Though small and unassuming, a tiny tube of Chapstick packs a lot of utility into its minuscule proportions. Whether brand-name or generic, lip balm can do so much more than protect your lips from the cold! With all the tasks it can help you accomplish, you should always keep a tube in your pocket.

  1. Remove Stickers

    Remove Stickers with Chapstick

    Remove stubborn stickers from jars, plastic, and other items by applying a bit of clear Chapstick to the sticky spot. Let the waxy substance sit for about 10 minutes. After the lip balm has softened the sticker, it will be a lot easier to scrape off.

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  2. Start a Fire

    Use Chapstick as a Fire Starter

    You know Chapstick can protect your lips from the cold, but it can also warm up your whole body. How, you may ask? Well, this wonder product can help small tinder to burn longer, making it easier to get a fire started. Remove a dab of Chapstick from the tube and rub it into a wad of dried grass, bark, or even the loosened fibers of a cotton swab. Light it with a match, and watch the fire starter burn long enough to ignite larger tinder. Before you know it, you’ll have a roaring fire.

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  3. Lubricate Drawer Tracks

    Lubricate Drawer Tracks with Chapstick

    If a hard-to-budge drawer turns getting dressed into a game of tug-of-war, here's a trick to make opening your wardrobe a bit easier. Lubricate old drawers by putting a little lip balm on the runners or tracks. The smooth stuff will act as a lubricant, making the drawers slide more easily and silencing their squeaking.

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  4. Light an Emergency Candle

    Light a Candle with Chapstick

    If an emergency power outage or a dark night at the campsite finds you in need of a little light, you can make a candle in a pinch with a match and a tube of Chapstick. Turn the wheel on the tube to push the balm above the edge of the plastic container. Then, insert the match in the middle of the tube, and light. It will not burn all night, but it will light your way temporarily, and even help you start a fire.

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  5. Loosen a Stuck Zipper

    Loosen a Stuck Zipper with Chapstick

    Sticky zipper? Loosen the stubborn teeth by rubbing a bit of Chapstick over them. Then, move the slider back and forth a few times to work in the waxy substance. That's all it takes to return your zipper to its zippy self.

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  6. Reduce Friction on Bar Clamps

    Reduce Friction on Bar Clamps with Chapstick

    Over time, tools and clamps can get a bit bound up. Smooth out the action on sticky bar clamps by lubricating them with a bit of Chapstick. This approach will also work to ease the screw mechanism of a bench vise.

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  7. Clear Fog on Glasses

    Clean Fog on Glasses with Chapstock

    Working up a sweat in the yard during cold weather can cause your safety goggles or sunglasses to fog up. Fight the fog by rubbing a small amount of Chapstick onto the lenses, then buffing it off with a soft cloth. This simple act will reduce the fog and clean your glasses at the same time.

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  8. Avoid Splitting Wood

    Avoid Splitting Wood with Chapstick

    On your next project, keep from splitting lumber when driving screws by lubricating fasteners with Chapstick before using them. The lip balm will help ease the screw into the wood, giving you a clean finish.

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  9. Keep Blades from Rusting

    Keep Blades from Rusting with Chapstick

    When stored out in the open, any utility knife, chisel, or pair of scissors can become susceptible to rust. Keep your sharp metal tools, whether in the garage, basement, or outdoor shed, rust-free by rubbing a little Chapstick on the blade edges before putting them away.

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  10. Lubricate Outdoor Light Bulbs

    Lubricate Outdoor Lightbulbs with Chapstick

    Like metal tools, the screw bases of outdoor light bulbs often succumb to rust as a result of exposure to rain and humidity. It's no surprise that rust then makes these bulbs difficult and potentially dangerous to remove, as forcing a stuck light bulb can cause it to crack or break. Save your fingers—and your time—by putting a little Chapstick on the threads of the light bulb base before screwing the bulb into a socket. This simple step will protect the metal from the elements and make changing the bulb a cinch.

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