10 Things You Didn't Know Super Glue Can Do

Everyone has reached for the Krazy Glue at least once when fixing a broken object. Its sheer versatility makes this accidental invention one of the most ubiquitous—and useful—staples of DIY home repair. Some of its more obscure uses may be news to you, though. Get the most out of this small but mighty adhesive, and check out some amazing additional uses for this ultra-sticky glue.

A Must-Have Fashion Accessory

Repair Sunglasses

Whether it's the lens of your sunglasses, a a strap on your shoulder bag, or a gem on a hair clip that's broken, Krazy Glue can come to the rescue. A small bottle can be used at home or on the road to give you a temporary or permanent fix. Tip: If you carry an emergency sewing kit for on-the-go repairs, consider adding a small bottle of this glue to your reserves.

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Shoe and Boot Repairs

Boot Repair

It doesn’t matter how much that new pair of shoes might have cost you: Eventually they will start to show signs of wear and tear. If you notice the tread or sole is tearing away from the rest of the shoe, be your own cobbler and use Krazy Glue to reattach the pieces.

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Auto Maintenance

Rear View Mirror

Keep a small bottle of Krazy Glue in your glove box and you'll be ready for small-scale mishaps that might come your way. For minor car repairs like making a temporary fix to a disconnected side mirrors, sealing ripped upholstery, or patching cracked lights, Krazy Glue can help shorten an unexpected road side stop.

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Hack a Handle

Repair a Tool with Glue

A broken handle on a hand tool renders it useless. But a dab of Krazy Glue can help you affix it in place. Use the glue on broken screwdrivers, trowels, shears, or even loppers, to give them a second life. Give the tool a quick test once the glue sets before you start your home improvement chores in earnest.

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Stops Runs and Pulls in Fabric

Stop Nylon Runs

Don’t throw out a pair of nylons because of an annoying run, use Krazy Glue to repair them. Dab a small amount at the start of the run, to prevent the nylon from running further. You can copy this technique on snags and pulls on sweaters to prolong the life of your clothes. 

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Protect Guitarists Fingers

Protect Guitarists Fingers

Guitarists have been using Krazy Glue for years to prevent the wear and tear that comes from picking strings. By adding a thin layer of glue and allowing it to dry, it creates a rock hard shell on fingers that help with pain when playing. To remove the glue, use nail polish remover with acetone and soak the glue covered fingers. Prone to sensitive skin and allergies? Skip this one and spring for a guitar pick, instead.

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Nail Care

Fixing a Broken Nail

You may not think to reach for the Krazy Glue when you have a broken nail, but many nail salons use this super glue frequently. Once dry, a small dab of glue on a broken nail and then filed smooth will be as good as new. Similarly, if your dog happens to split a nail into the quick, the glue can also be used to reattach the nail.


Bathroom Repairs

Shower Caddy

Krazy Glue needs a ‘trigger’ to activate its adhesive properties, which is typically water vapor in the air. Once set and cured, the glue is completely waterproof, making it ideal for bathroom repairs. So from replacing a loose bathroom tile to repairing a broken shower caddy, the bathroom applications for Krazy Glue are endless.

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Underwater Bondage

Garden Hose Repair

With the waterproof capabilities of Krazy Glue once it’s cured, it can be used to repair a variety of items that are continuously exposed to water. For instance, use a spot of glue to seal a small hole in a garden hose. Then, be sure to store the hose properly to keep it leak-free.


A DIYer’s Dream Tool

Super Glue

Krazy Glue is strong enough to use in almost any small-scale DIY project you can dream up. Whether you're gluing coins, burlap, metal, wood, paper, plastic, ceramic, or glass—Krazy Glue will bond with the surface of an object on a molecular level. Before using, make sure the areas you want to bond are clean and dry.


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