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10 Tiny Gardens You Can Grow on Your Windowsill

Starting your own garden doesn't have to be daunting. Start as small as you like with a windowsill garden. These space-saving planters are just right for a modest indoor garden—whether you're a green thumb or a chronic plant killer.

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Level Up

Fit triple the succulents—and triple the zen—in the space it takes to grow just one with this uniquely stacked approach. Its 8-inch-tall bamboo stand sits three plants potted on a diag. And, if you’re daring enough to garden in the bathroom window, the collection of white ceramic pods can put you one step closer to the spa aesthetic homeowners strive to achieve there. Available on Amazon; $29.

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Bear Fruit

Imagine the joy and satisfaction of pulling a ripe avocado from a tree that you planted yourself, right in your own backyard. Now imagine a personal orchard of avocado trees—why not? The Avocado Tree Starter Kit makes it easy to turn the pits into healthy little saplings. Simply place one pit into each of the three kit-provided pods, provide water, and wait (30 to 90 days). Once the pits have germinated, plant your baby avocados in the yard or, if more suitable for your climate, a set of portable containers you can move indoors for winter. Available at Uncommon Goods; $34.

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Suspended Style

To add a unique design element to your home, mix classic potted plants with a contemporary hanging planter. This rope and ceramic set embraces modernity with its four white planter pots, which have a smooth finish and rounded shape to resemble decorative display bowls. The pots dangle from the ceiling with two lines of white rope. Try hanging it on the wall between a pair of large windows, or suspend it next to a bright window ledge. The planter looks especially nice with succulents or other small potted plants. Available on Amazon; $26.99.

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Self-Watering Wonder

Terra cotta pots have long been considered the gold standard for container gardening. Made of clay, their porous walls allow air and water to pass through, preventing the deadly effects of overwatering. But now other pots are catching up, and perhaps exceeding, terra cotta’s effective design. Take, for instance, the self-watering planter from Santino. Its built-in reservoir pumps a steady supply of water into the soil, while a drainage system pulls excess water away from the roots and back into the reserve. With a planter that smart, even serial plant killers can garden with confidence. Available on Amazon; $9.99.

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Under Glass

Terrarium: a Latin-derived word that means “tiny forest in a bottle.” Well, that’s not exactly what the word means, but this terrarium certainly looks like a miniature woodland paradise. This perfectly pint-sized garden kit comes with an upcycled glass case, soil, dwarf sedum, and a chopstick base that doubles as a garden tool. First-time terrarium owners will enjoy the instructional booklet that explains set-up from start to finish. Available at Uncommon Goods; $38.

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Bottoms Up

If remembering to water the plants is an oft-forgotten chore, consider a well-placed planter that does it for you. For those without a green thumb, the Upside-Down Planter takes the guesswork out of indoor gardening. The self-watering pot automatically adds moisture to the soil, thanks to a built-in water storage system. Hang the planter in front of a sunny window, so your plant can absorb adequate sunlight while freeing up counter space. Plus, who doesn’t love an upside-down plant? Available on Amazon; $24.99.

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This is a Stick-Up

Even traditionally “brown” thumbs can pull off a window garden when the planter fronts the work. Take this aquaphoric setup: Its steady supply of water means less stress for you and for your thirsty plants. (And a separate Veg Ledge can ensure a prime location for the greenery in your sunniest window!) A bargain all on its own, the $10 planter even comes with a pack of fiber soil to get you growing. Available on Amazon; $13.99.

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Mix Greens

Is it a windowsill planter or a tiny indoor farm? Somehow, the Ceramic Microgreens Grower manages to be both. Included is a sturdy, terracotta planter, compressed soil pellets, and four kinds of micro green seeds. It’s also self-watering! Follow the provided instructions for seed-sowing and care, and within a matter of weeks, harvest your home-grown crop of salad-ready micro-greens. 
Available at Uncommon Goods; $60.

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Shades of Green

One of the tried-and-true secrets of household storage: When you can’t build out, build up. In other words, you can fit more in a small room by utilizing vertical space. With three space-saving tiers, Sommerland’s Living Art Vertical Garden gives your succulents a place to call home. Boasting complementary metallic finishes, and a sturdy frame, this planter is narrow enough to fit almost anywhere—from a tiny balcony to the corner of your desk. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

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Like a Log

What’s that—an old log-turned-planter? Think again. This lifelike imposter has all the charm of a hollowed out trunk, but with none of the flaking bark, decay, and bugs that come with the real thing. Available in three sizes, these planters are small enough to fit on a deep window ledge, and weather-resistant to stand up to outdoor life, if you ever have the urge to move them to the deck or patio. Available at Wayfair; $37.99.

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