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10 Ways to Decorate with Houseplants for a Pop of Personality

Houseplants should never look like an afterthought.

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Zhuzhing Up Houseplants

When looking around the home, you might notice your space could do with some eclectic, peaceful energy. There’s no better solution than the addition of houseplants. But once the run to the nearby nursery is complete, you might be left wondering how to decorate with them! These 10 options offer fun ways to give houseplants a pop of personality. Rather than looking like an afterthought, they’ll steal the show! Just be sure to consider sunlight, humidity, and other important plant needs over aesthetics.

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Create a Living Wall

Balance out the framed art and mirrors on the walls with a unique display of living greenery. This Wolter 9-Piece Wash Clay Wall Planter (available on Wayfair) is a minimalist’s dream with its simple structure and stark white clay pots. Bright green plants will bounce off the wall.

Put Them In a Statue

Statue planters are a surefire way to turn houseplants into statement decor. The plants tuck inside the head of the statue, making for a life-like bountiful head of hair. When filled with various succulents, the Gilman Cement Statue Planter (available on Wayfair), makes the statue look like it’s wearing a flower crown.

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Use a Basket

Baskets add warmth to the home with their natural material and relaxed look. For a sturdy option that will catch the eye, try a basket made for displaying plants, like this dreamy set of Arurog Baskets with metal feet (available at Burke Decor).

Place Above the Cabinets

For high cabinets with an awkward amount of empty space on top, there’s no better cure than houseplants. Tucking series of ivy or pothos to fill up the space will add a whole new look to the kitchen—giving it just the right amount of jungle vibes.

Make a Plant Library

Whether reviving that unused bookcase from the garage, or pulling out and donating books from a bookcase displayed in the home, tall, open shelving makes the perfect houseplant home. Tuck between series of books for an eclectic look.

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Hang Them in the Shower

From a bunch of eucalyptus draped over the showerhead to a hanging pothos cascading from a wide ledge above the shower, houseplants deserve a spotlight in the bathroom. They ooze relaxation, begging you to stay a while and enjoy some self-care.

Decorate Your Walk-In Shower

For a large walk-in shower, add even more spa-like vibes to the space by placing a potted plant in a corner. Prop it on a stool for a luxurious look.

Decorate a Ladder

A decorative ladder in the home is a statement piece that draws the eye up. Salvage an old one and give it new life by placing potted plants on each step. This Pagel 5 Level Ladder Zinc Vertical Garden (available on Wayfair), is another great option with its adorable metal plant beds.

Create a Zen Garden

Air plants are one of the most fun houseplant types to decorate with as they don’t require soil to thrive, but instead use roots to attach themselves to things. This amethyst cluster (available on Etsy), is the perfect zen garden to display on a tabletop. The air plants simply sit on each rock.

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Hang from the Ceiling

A stark corner with tall ceilings is the perfect spot for a hanging plant. DIY a macrame hanger to place a potted plant in. Draping plants like the spider plant are perfect for this!