10 Ways to Organize Your Home with Color

Keeping our homes neat and organized is a constant battle. But thanks to some ingenious (and colorful) ideas, the task just got a whole lot easier. These simple tricks will help you use color to conquer toys, keys, computer cords, clothing, and more.

  1. Colorful Closet

    Organize with color   closet


    You always covet a color-coordinated closet when you see one on TV, but what you may not realize is how easy it is to re-create this eye-pleasing organization in your own home. Spend an afternoon sorting through your clothes (and purging what you no longer need!), then rehang them in your closet, starting with the lightest shades on one end and working your way through to the darkest hues. You'll love how this simple trick makes mornings so much simpler

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  2. Pretty Play

    Organize with color   kids toys


    Playroom clutter can quickly build up, leading to lost-toy temper tantrums for your kids and a headache for you. Make finding and putting away favorite playthings a cinch by providing toy bins that are organized by color. Kids will love how easy the system is, and you'll spend less time tidying up. 

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  3. Coordinated Calendar

    Organize with color   calendar


    You'll never again have to be uncertain about what your family members are up to with this DIY calendar. Assign a different color of self-stick notes to each person in the family to track activities and social engagements throughout the month. It will be immediately clear who has soccer practice or a salon appointment, making your day-to-day routine even easier to manage.  

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  4. Friendlier Filing

    Organize with color   files


    Borrow this trick that office managers have used for years: Assign a color to each subject area of your home files—finances, personal, medical, and so on—then arrange your files accordingly. While it may initially take some time to sort through your paper pileups and get organized, it will be well worth the effort when you need to go back to these important papers for tax documentation or other household records. 

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  5. Key Control

    Organize with color   paint keys


    Never again will you have to referee an argument about which member of the family misplaced his key. Let each person choose a color of nail polish, then paint the top of each house key with one of the chosen colors and distribute accordingly.

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  6. Creative Crafting

    Organize with color   craft supplies


    Craft supplies are notoriously small and difficult to keep tidily accessible. Instead of tossing everything into a bin or drawer, arrange tapes, ribbons, or essentials by color to make them easy to spot and even easier to grab.

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  7. Beyond Basic Bookshelves

    Organize with color   bookshelves

    flickr.com via Tim Crowe

    Many librarians may disagree with this method of organizing books, but there's no denying that the look of color-coordinated spines is both uncluttered and attractive. Turn the project into a weekend activity for the whole family, and, as with the closet makeover, use it as an opportunity to give away books you no longer need.

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  8. Corral Cords

    Ci demo powerstrip 3


    Cords for computers, chargers, and game consoles have a way of becoming a tangled mess, but one company has come up with a vivid, stylish solution. These clever Cord Identifiers use colors and pictures to mark which cord belongs to which machine, making it so much easier to manage your electronics. 

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  9. Cook in Color

    Organize with color   cutting boards


    Having separate cutting boards for different types of food is not only a smart organizational idea for the kitchen, but also a safe one, ensuring that your veggies won't be contaminated by uncooked meats. Paint the outside of your cutting boards to make them easily recognizable in the pantry or cabinet, or label them for an extra DIY touch.

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  10. Multicolor Mudroom

    Kanncept 10 21 13 0212r2

    Design: KannCept Design, Inc.; Photo: Nels Akerlund Photography LLC

    Organize your entryway or mudroom with a color-coordinated cubby unit. Start with a standard white wood design and then let each member of the family choose their own color to paint the interiors. Then sort shoes, jackets, lunch boxes, and umbrellas with ease.

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