11 Ways to Keep Your REAL Desktop Organized

We seem to do it all at our desks, from working and paying bills to shopping online and poking around Facebook. So, naturally, keeping desks clear of clutter can be a real challenge. Consider solutions that move things to the wall and shelves, or contain the clutter in creative ways. Here are 11 ideas to help you keep things in good order—or inspire you to come up with your own desktop clutter-busting remedies.

  1. Clip Art

    Display Notes on Clipboard at Desk

    If you're a visual type, you can still get a bird’s-eye view of your stuff without cluttering your work space. Symmetrical rows of clipboards will prove both pleasing and practical. Bonus: They can be updated easily and often. 


  2. Hang In There

    Hang S-hooks at Desk

    A wall-mounted towel bar adorned with S-hooks will help clear your desk by letting you hang pens, pencils, and other small tools. While this one is clean and modern, there's no reason why you couldn't opt for a more decorative approach.


  3. Moving Storage

    Modular Storage for Desks

    A modular approach to storage keeps assets at hand, deskside or anywhere you like. Consider rolling carts, cabinets, and desks that can be pulled into service when needed and can also provide an additional work surface.

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  4. Inner Beauty

    Desk Drawer Organizer

    They say beauty starts from within, and desks are no exception. Keeping your drawers neat and tidy helps keep the situation up top under control. Makeshift or store-bought organizing solutions abound.

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  5. Memo Magic

    Bulletin Board Behind Desk

    Let a basic bulletin board carry some of the load, so you can put notes, reminders, and even family photos behind the scenes. Not only will your display keep things organized, it will also inspire you.

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  6. Plan It Out

    Organize Your Desk

    Take your planning to the next level—literally. By using wall space for just about everything, your desk will be clear for the essentials. This array of wall storage serves up an abundance of smart solutions.

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  7. Lean on Me

    Bookshelf Beside Desk

    A tower of narrow shelving right next to your desk area keeps books and notebooks handy and organized. It's a great solution for any compact, linear space.

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  8. You’ve Got It Pegged

    Yellow Home Office

    No longer reserved for industrial-looking displays, a panel of pegboard will give you a new perspective on organization. Color it to suit your room's palette, or consider making the board a focal point by choosing a bold accent color.

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  9. Inspector Gadget

    Studio MODO's Gadget Holder

    Juggling a desktop computer, tablet, and a smartphone? Then a modular solution like 2040 Design Studio's Modo was made for you, with pins that adjust to fit today’s wide variety of devices as well as many other desk items that tend to go astray. Make your own version with a piece of wood, dowels, and a drill.


  10. Storage Support

    Bookshelves Under Desk

    Open shelving units double as both storage and support for your desktop, leaving you more room to spread out up above. This model provides convenient access from multiple sides.


  11. Round She Goes

    Lazy Susan for the Desk

    Reinvent the lazy Susan concept for your desk! Small containers hold your necessities; a gentle spin will keep them within easy reach—and always accessible.


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