12 "Different" Ways to Store Firewood

Don't settle for an ordinary pile of logs. Showing off your wood in a creative space will help add another dimension of warmth to your home.

  1. Logs as Storage

    Logs as Storage

    Put your firewood to work! The folks at Studio St. Paul took firewood storage to the next level by burrowing wooden crates into a generous wood pile, creating a system that is functional in more ways than one.


  2. Wooden Stairs

    Wooden Stairs

    Filling an underutilized area beneath the stairs is a smart way to save space. Doing so with a stash of wood, however, is not only functional but visually striking. They were meant to be there!


  3. Off the Wall

    Off the Wall

    A metal bookcase—repurposed here as wood storage—groups together logs, timber, and kindling to create an appealing wall art effect. It's so warm and inviting, you might not even need the fireplace!


  4. Wooden Masterpiece

    Wooden Masterpiece

    Mixed media artist and naturalist Alastair Heseltine redefined the woodpile in this larger-than-life sculpture. Beautiful and a little ironic, Heseltine's piece goes to show that even something seemingly banal (like a stack of wood) can become a work of art.


  5. Travel Log

    Travel Log

    Antique suitcases and steamer trunks may no longer be useable for international travel, but they still work wonders in the storage department. Try filling them with all your fireplace needs to keep everything neat and contained.

    ouradventureoncrete.word press.com

  6. Log Treatment

    Log Treatment

    Why hide your logs when you can make them the focal point of the room? Line an entire wall with firewood for a readymade wall treatment that will probably smell as good as it looks.

    browndresswithwhitedots.tumb lr.com

  7. Woodcase


    Rather than building a whole new wood storage unit, re-imagine a built-in bookcase. If it's near the fireplace, your logs will be within reach, on display, and comfortably stowed.

    notesondesign.tumb lr.com

  8. Understated Convenience

    Understated Convenience

    If you're looking for something a little more subtle, sequester your log storage to a single shelf on a nearby bookcase. The wood will add depth and texture to your room without stealing focus.


  9. In the Furniture

    In the Furniture

    Taking inspiration from gabions (stone-filled mesh cages that are used in construction), designer Rebecca Cole gives this patio furniture a makeover with chicken wire and logs. Place near an outdoor fireplace to have wood at the ready.


  10. Woodstocker


    The Woodstocker Rack, designed by Harrie Leenders, offers attractive vertical storage over a small footprint. Made of galvanized steel, the roof keeps firewood dry and ready to burn in all weather.


  11. Piled High

    Piled High

    The clean, white lines of this modern storage rack balance nicely with the rustic appeal of the firewood. Not only can you make one of these yourself, but storing this much wood indoors means fewer trips outside into the cold.

    so-mee.blog spot.com

  12. That's What Drawers Are For!

    That's What Drawers Are For!

    It's so simple, why didn't we think of it first? Stow your extra lumber in a drawer. This modern version has the drawer directly underneath the hearth, but anywhere nearby would be convenient and clandestine.


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