12 Household Favorites Born in the USA

To keep your home patriotic long after the fireworks have faded and your red, white, and blue decorations have been packed away, take a look at these favorites—all made in the USA. Consider them just a dozen reasons to buy American.

Lodge Preseasoned Skillet

Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

To whip up the best meals—from breakfast pancakes to seared steaks—you need to be equipped with cookware you can trust. Working out of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, for more than 100 years, Lodge Manufacturing Company delivers exactly that: a long-standing reputation for producing quality cast iron. Today's preseasoned skillets have only improved upon the tried-and-true craftsmanship of the company's former unseasoned options, and each pan comes with a lifetime warranty to boot. Available on Amazon; $35.

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John Deere D110 42-Inch Riding Lawn Mower

John Deere

An icon of American agriculture, John Deere has been manufacturing in the United States for more than 50 years. In that time, 9 million products have rolled off the line at the company's historic Horicon, Wisconsin, facility. Of course, the company offers a fleet of different riding mowers, but among them all, the D110 stands out for its mix of accessibility and performance. Available at Lowe's; $1,699.

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Shop-Vac Pro Series 6-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

Vacuum Cleaner Brands

For more than 40 years, this homegrown company has provided contractor crews and do-it-yourselfers with powerful, quality vacuums for heavy-duty cleanups, indoors and out. For professionals, there are larger Shop-Vac models with bigger motors, but for the average homeowner handyman, there's no topping the versatile six-gallon model. Available on Amazon; $107.99.

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KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

The KitchenAid stand mixer is more than an appliance, it's one of the most coveted pieces of kitchenware today. Available in a wide range of colors, this American-made product does double duty as both a multifunctional cooking tool and a stylish addition to your decor. Available at Macy's; $499.99.

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Nordic Ware Microwave Tender Cooker

Tender Cooker

Sometimes, the best things in life are unplanned—all the more reason to be prepared for anything! Nordic Ware's Microwave Cooker can cook and tenderize up to three pounds of meat in 30 minutes or less, meaning you can get out of the kitchen and back to the party even faster. Available on Amazon; $52.94.

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American-Made Outdoor Fire Pit

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

This American-made fire pit is an ideal purchase for any family that loves to entertain outside. While the sturdy steel base with an iron oxide finish makes this fire pit all-weather friendly, it’s the sleek design that solidifies its status as a must-have addition for roasting marshmallows or swapping scary stories in the backyard. Available at Plow & Hearth; $731.

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Big Chill Retro Fridge

Big Chill Appliances

Believe it or not, you don't have to sacrifice performance to achieve the nostalgic look of a vintage appliance. Big Chill offers a line of brightly colored retro-style refrigerators that are energy efficient and come complete with all the modern amenities. The stamped metal body and pivoting handles are nods to the classic 1950s style of American fridges, but with more than 200 different colors to choose from, you're sure to be able to coordinate your refrigerator with the rest of your modern-day home. Available at bigchill.com; $2,995.

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Post-It Notes

Post-It Notes

Everyone knows that Post-Its are convenient—but did you realize that they're also proudly made in America? Just one more reason to love this brand that also makes notepads from recycled paper. Available on Amazon; $6.33.

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Portable Kitchen Grills


Since 1952, the PK Grill and its hallmark aluminum casing have been the star of many backyard barbecues. Though the ownership of the brand switched hands a few times early on, and even ceased production for a bit, the company's most recent owner, a lawyer from Little Rock, Arkansas, reignited the retro-style charcoal grill with a focus on keeping the manufacturing work in the United States. Available on Amazon; $360.

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All-Clad BBQ Set

BBQ Supplies

Nothing says summer quite like an old-fashioned, all-American barbecue, and what barbecue is complete without a stellar set of grilling tools. The All-Clad BBQ Tool Set comes with all the essentials: a two-pronged fork, marinade brush, locking tongs, and a turner. As a plus, its convenient metal carrying case makes toting all the tools out to the grill a breeze. When you're done using them, stash the tools back in the case until the next cookout. Available on  Amazon ; $119.99.

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Woolrich Elite Men's Freedom Throw Blanket

American Flag Blanket

The perfect gift for a veteran or proud patriot, this full-size throw is seriously comfortable—and durable! Keep it next to your favorite reading chair, or take it to the park to catch the fireworks with family and friends. Available on Amazon; $99.95.

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Pyrex Storage 10-Piece Set


There’s nothing more American than making an apple pie, and Pyrex has been the go-to brand for baking supplies in the United States for almost 100 years. The company's industrial glass was first used for railroad lanterns, but has now expanded into durable kitchenware of all kinds. Heading to a potluck or picnic for the Fourth of July? This 10-piece storage set is perfect for transporting your goodies—or for snagging that leftover pie. Available on Amazon; $15.

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