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14 Clever Cable Management Solutions Under $50

Disorganized and jumbled power cords and cables can be a pain to locate and untangle (not to mention they make a home look unkempt). Find the cord you need when you need it by implementing an affordable cable management system, and take control of your adapters, chargers, plug-ins, and power savers, before they overrun your home.
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Order in Chaos

The first step to organizing the cords and cables around your home is recognizing the benefit of a cord management system. While there are plenty of great products out there to help you save space and avoid clutter, here are 14 budget-friendly wire management solutions we love.

Bluelounge CableBox

Wires are a fact of life, but these sleek cable boxes keep them under wraps. Simply place your surge protector and power strips inside the box, store the excess cable lengths, and close the lid. This modern design is a wonderful home for all the cables behind the television or desktop computer. The box comes in black or white to match with any home or work space. Measures 16″ long by 6.125″ wide by 5.25″ high.

Get the CableBox on BlueLounge for $32.80

Sendowtek Bamboo Charging Station

This sturdy bamboo docking station has four 2.4A USB charging ports for phones and tablets, a built-in AirPod charger, and a charging port and stand for a smart watch, enabling you to charge up to six devices at once. The docking station includes five short charging cords that tuck away neatly in the non-slip magnetic base.

Get the Sendowtek Bamboo Charging Station on Amazon for $39.99

Dotz Cord Identifiers

Color-coded cord identifiers instantly answer the question of which plug goes with what. These vibrant display icons snap onto cord ends and come with a variety of preprinted icons (or you can make your own to insert into the tags). Each pack comes with five identifiers that can make locating the cord you need a faster task.

Get the Dotz Cord Identifiers at B&H Photo & Video for $2.99

VELCRO One Wrap Cable Ties

Keep cord wrapping as simple as can be with these single strap Velcro ties. These thin, self-fastening ties quickly wrap around cord bundles to maintain organization. Available in packs of 100 in black or black and red, there are plenty of ties available for uses beyond controlling the cables inside a house.

Get the VELCRO One Wrap Cable Ties on Amazon for $11.99

Nite Ize Gear Ties

These durable ties come in a variety of sizes to control any type of electronic clutter. Easy to wrap around cables, thanks to a tough wire core, these ties can be used over and over. Waterproof rubber shells that resist breaking down from UV exposure make these ties handy to have with electronics, tools, and outdoor gear. Available in various sizes, colors, and combinations, these ties are sure to get a lot of use.

Get the Nite Ize Gear Ties 4-Pack at Amazon, for $7.94

Evriholder Cable Zipper Cord Organizer Kit

Areas of the home that have plenty of cords, like an office or living room, become organized almost instantly with this cable management kit. The eight-foot-long cable consolidates unsightly tangles of wires into one smooth rope. This kit also comes with 12 sets of wire labels and two wall mount clips for ultimate cable organization.

Get the Evriholder Cable Zipper Cord Organizer Kit at Walmart for $11.49

EasyAcc Desk Stand Organizer

Tidy up your desk with this one simple addition. Made from artificial leather and using sliding drawers for cable and charger storage, this multi-charger has universal compatibility for all types of devices, including power banks, smartphones, tablets, ereaders, and more. 

Get the EasyAcc Desk Stand Organizer at Amazon for $29.99

Blue Key World Cable Clips


This six-pack of drop cable clips are a minimalist way to keep cords organized and accessible. They’re terrific if you only have a few cords you need to organize in a work space. To use, peel the backing, stick to a flat surface, and clip in your cord. Blue Key World cable clips are appropriate for large and small cables alike. What’s more, multiple smaller cables, like headphones or phone charging cords, can fit in a single clip.

Get the Blue Key World Cable Clips  (6-pack) at Amazon for $6.96

Anker PowerPort Cube

This 6-in-1 power cube has three USB-A ports and three AC outlets, helping free up multiple power outlets by using one compact hub. With high-speed charging, and a seven-point safety system to protect against overloading, this eight-foot extension cord is both practical and safe. 

Get the Anker PowerPort Cube on Amazon for $27.99

The DIY Solution

Emily Burns Morgan

Lots of these products can easily translate into DIY projects. Even simpler, though, is using the desktop organizers you already have for a new purpose. Here, I turned a standard plastic drawer organizer into an electronics filing system.Lots of these products can easily translate into DIY projects. Even simpler, though, is using the desktop organizers you already have for a new purpose. Here, we’ve transformed a standard plastic drawer organizer into a neat and tidy electronics filing system.

Ringke Cable Ties

Simple and long-lasting, these high elasticity silicone cable ties are a terrific option to wrap and store cables (and can double as a hair tie in a pinch!). The set comes in five modern colors, with fifteen ties in total – that’s enough to sufficiently organize the cables in your home, your bag, or at work. Each cable tie is 4.75 inches long and has two adjustable length options that accommodate both large and small cables. 

Get the Ringke Cable Ties on Amazon for $13.99

SurfaceSnap Cable Bands

Cable management ideas tend to be more about utility than elegance. These simple yet sophisticated leather cable bands fasten with a metal button snap and adhere to nearly any flat surface. The semi-permanent adhesive is strong enough for long term use but leaves no trace if you decide to remove it. These bands come in a three-pack with two singles and a double-winged cable organizer in black or dove gray. 

Get the SurfaceSnap Cable Bands at twelvesouth for $29.99

PZOZ Cable Clips

Well-suited for a workspace, but also beneficial in the car, these plastic clips keep your cords in a convenient holster, right at your fingertips. A press-to-open design makes it simple to add or remove cords as needed. At 3.34 inches long, one clip can hold up to 11 cables at the same time. They stick strongly to smooth surfaces and come off cleanly if you need to move them. Pick up a three-pack of these clips in black, white, or gray.

Get the PZOZ Cable Clips at Amazon for $9.99

CableBox Mini Station

This mini station helps restore order to a desktop or bedside table. Inside you’ll find a four-socket surge protector and enough room to hold and hide device cables. There are pass-through slots for cords built into the sides of the design, and a lid with integrated device stands that supports most devices in portrait or landscape mode. Made from flame-retardant plastic and available in classic black or white, colors sure to match most decor. Measures 9.375″ long by 4.5″ wide by 4.875″ high, almost half the length of the standard CableBox.

Get the CableBox Mini Station at BlueLounge for $34.78

Prices are accurate as of the last update on November 30, 2021.