14 New Things You Can Do with an Old Sweater

Before sending a bag of old sweaters to the thrift store, try repurposing them in creative new ways.

  1. Felted Wool Blanket

    DIY Felted Wool Blanket from Sweater

    What could be more snuggly than a blanket made entirely of sweaters? To create this patchwork piece, Yellow Suitcase Studio sewed squares of felted sweaters together, adding decorative stitching along the edges. The blanket is perfect for cozy movie nights, but it also makes a heartwarming gift.

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  2. Pouf Ottoman

    DIY Pouf Ottoman from Sweaters

    A pouf is ideal for kicking up your feet and relaxing. When you combine a thrift store sweater with an insert made from fabric and polyester fiberfill, a versatile DIY ottoman can be yours for little cost and not much time at all.

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  3. Dryer Balls

    DIY Dryer Balls from Sweaters

    An eco-friendly alternative to fabric softener, dryer balls can help your clothes dry faster while reducing wrinkles. Make your own version using the wool from old sweaters, and you'll get fresher clothes for free.

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  4. Decorative Pillows

    DIY Sweater Pillows

    Sweater-covered pillows make couches even cozier. To create your own pillowcase, cut your sweater to the proper size using a pillow for reference. Turn the pieces inside out and stitch them together, leaving just enough room to slip the pillow inside before sewing the case closed. Then, add buttons or other embellishments to dress up your cozy new cushion.

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  5. Cozy Mittens

    DIY Sweater Mittens

    A fresh pair of warm mittens is just what Old Man Winter ordered! Outline your hands in chalk around the bottom edge of a sweater to create a custom mitten pattern. Cut out the pieces, turn them inside out, and sew them together. Keep a pair in every coat pocket so you’re never stuck without gloves again. 

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  6. iPhone or iPad Case

    DIY iPhone or iPad Case with Sweater

    Protect your tech gadgets from chilly temperatures by dressing them in cases made from felted sweaters. Sewing a simple pocket for your iPhone, iPad, or e-reader is quick and easy. Plus, the results are adorable! 

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  7. Felted Coasters

    DIY Coaster from a Sweater

    This winter, set your warm beverages down on a soft coaster of felted wool. Any wool sweater can be felted by washing it in hot water and running it through the hottest setting on your dryer. Cut the sweater to size, then make yourself a cup of hot cocoa to test out your new coaster.

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  8. Festive Wreath

    DIY Sweater Wreath

    Cut and sew an old sweater around a wreath form to craft a joyful decoration for your front door. This DIY wreath is a fashionable alternative to the natural evergreen variety, and it will still look appropriate after the holidays.

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  9. Christmas Stocking

    DIY Stocking from Sweater

    This Christmas, deck the halls with DIY stockings made from repurposed sweaters. Use an existing stocking as reference for the pattern, then cut an old sweater to size and sew the pieces together. Embellish your creation with some ribbon and you have the perfect holiday decoration.

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  10. Pom-Pom Hat

    DIY Pom-Pom Hat

    If you have an old sweater, a sewing machine, and an hour to spare, you can make yourself a new pom-pom hat with scissors, yarn, and cardboard. After yours is done, score yourself some thrift store sweaters and create a hat for everyone in the family.

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  11. Sweater Sleeve

    Sweater Sleeve for Vase and Candle

    Effortlessly dress up candles and vases for any season with homemade sweater sleeves. Even a DIY beginner can take on this project, which involves little more than cutting and hot-gluing pieces of fabric together. 

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  12. Wrist Warmer

    DIY Sweater Wrist Warmer

    A wool or cashmere sweater that’s taken an accidental trip through the laundry machine may seem like a hopeless case, but the shrunken and frayed fabric can still be salvaged. By cutting off the sweater’s sleeves and adding a little crocheted edging, you can make adorable DIY wrist warmers. The cozy creations are perfect for cold mornings and stormy evenings.

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  13. Coffee Cozy

    DIY Sweater Sleeve Coffee Cozie

    To keep your fingers burn-free while you sip on piping hot beverages this winter, make a DIY cozy. Cut a sweater sleeve to a length of about five inches, add some liquid seam sealant for a neat edge, and sew on some buttons. Your coffee cup never looked so cute!

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  14. Knit Lampshade

    DIY Sweater Lampshade

    Add a bit of coziness to any corner by updating an old lampshade with a “new” knit cover. Simply slip a sweater over the shade, cut it to size, and hot-glue it in place.

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