15 City Tours That TV and Movie Buffs Will Love

Are the DVD extras just not enough for you? For your next vacation, why not delve deeper by planning a trip to the setting of your favorite film? We’ve compiled the ultimate list of must-see movie and TV destinations to fulfill your cinematic fantasies.

Welcome to Middle-Earth

Lord of the Rings Movie Tour

Set in one of the most stunning natural landscapes on earth, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy are international phenomena. Channel your inner hobbit (or elf, dwarf, wizard, or ringwraith) and book a Hobbiton tour or one of many Lord of the Rings tours available in the Home of Middle-earth, New Zealand.

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Inside "The Crown"

The Crown TV movie Tour

Netflix’s The Crown is praised by The New York Times for its “sumptuous scenes and rich performances.” Fans love its intimate (and imagined) peek into the lives of the British royal family. Follow in their footsteps on this walking tour of London, which delivers fresh insights into the making of the show and examines the real-life characters and events that inspired it.


Your Very Own "Game of Thrones"

Game of Thrones TV movie tour

There are so many locations involved in the epic fantasy Game of Thrones, it’s an embarrassment of riches. Make the choice easier with a two-day tour of Belfast and Dublin, historic Irish cities with a wealth of Thrones locations, including the Giant’s Causeway, a Unesco World Heritage Site famous for its rugged volcanic beauty.


The World of Harry Potter

Harry Potter TV movie tour

Hop across the pond and dive into the world of Harry Potter. In Oxford, take a guided walking tour through the Hogwarts scenes you love and hear stories about the historic locations and the cast as well. In London, visit Warner Bros. Studio to see the actual sets, costumes, and props that made the movies magical.

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Visit the East Wing

West Wing TV movie tour

For seven seasons, Aaron Sorkin’s critically acclaimed show The West Wing served as America’s alternate political universe. The series earned multiple Emmys and presented a fast-paced, idealized view of the workings of the White House. You can tour the East Wing of the real White House, but unfortunately West Wing tours are by invitation only.

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Bollywood for Beginners

Bollywood Movie Tour

Admit it—there’s nothing like a Bollywood musical for laughter, tears, and some toe-tapping, hip-swiveling fun. But the Indian film industry has also produced serious masterpieces like Mulk, which tackled terrorism. If your travels take you to India, you can tour the Bollywood Studios for a full day of glamour and film history.


Music Row in "Nashville"

Nashville TV show tour

The TV show Nashville focused on rivalries and redemption in the country music world as characters dealt with everything from rising passions to fading stardom. You can get a taste of the real Music City by booking the Inside "Nashville" TV Show Tour. If you opt for a Thursday, you can stop by the Bluebird Cafe for an exclusive show.


"The Sopranos" by Bus

The Sopranos tv show tour

Yes, the Bada Bing! strip club really exists. Along with Pizza Land and the Pulaski Skyway, it's one of more than 40 sites you can visit that were used during the filming of the mega-hit HBO series The Sopranos. See them all on this half-day Sopranos Sites bus tour, and enjoy personal anecdotes shared by your guide, a professional actor who appeared on the show.


Time Travel with "Vertigo"

Vertigo movie tour

The classic noir thriller Vertigo, directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock and starring James Stewart and Kim Novak, was shot on location in San Francisco. Though the film was released in 1958, you can still visit beautiful, evocative locations that played a supporting role. Learn about the historic places you will visit, then book a personal tour through A Friend in Town.


"Homeland" in Berlin

Homeland tv show tour Berlin

If the tension hasn't killed you yet, it's possible that Homeland has found a place in your heart—and on your list of must-sees. Season 5 took our heroes (and antiheroes) to Berlin, where Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) tried to start a new life. Retrace her experiences in the Homeland Season 5 Tour, which can be custom-tailored, adding special stops like a visit to the Berlin Museum of Film and Television.


Seinfeld’s Neighborhood

Seinfeld walking tour NYC

You know the 1990s TV show so well, why bother with a guide? Instead, take this self-guided tour of Seinfeld's New York, which provides a detailed itinerary you can take at your own pace. Stop for a deli lunch at Tom’s Restaurant (aka Monk’s Café), and take photos outside Jerry’s apartment on West 81st Street.

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"Moonstruck" in New York City

Moonstruck Movie tour NYC

Whether you love When Harry Met Sally, Men in Black, Moonstruck, or more recent favorites like How I Met Your Mother, this New York City locations tour has got you covered. Your guide will make sure you hit all the cinematic sweet spots, including film locations favored by writer and director Nora Ephron.


Explore the Star Trek Universe

Star Trek tv show tour

You can thank mega-Trekkie James Cawley for painstakingly rebuilding the original Star Trek sets, which were dismantled and largely destroyed after the series was canceled in 1969. You can visit his re-creation, the Star Trek: Original Set Tour, in Ticonderoga, New York, a beautiful town (and site of several Revolutionary War battles) situated between Lake Champlain and Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains.


James Bond and Beyond

James Bond Shanghai movie tour

For a super-spy journey worthy of James Bond, spend 16 days in Movie China—the real China, experienced as a series of dazzling film locations. Immerse yourself in some of the country's epic vistas, including Zhangjiajie National Forest, which inspired the worlds of Avatar, and the canals and side streets of Shanghai, where Skyfall and Mission Impossible III were filmed.


The Highlands of "Outlander"

Outlander TV show tour

Outlander is a supernatural tale of time travel and complicated love, much of which is filmed in Scotland. Transport yourself to the real Scottish Highlands and learn the stories behind the ancient castles, glens, and moors that serve as backdrop to this romantic fantasy. Outlander Tours offers a variety of Outlander itineraries and can even assist with accommodations and non-Outlander activities like boating on Loch Ness, the reputed home of the legendary Nessie. 

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