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15 Room Redos You Can Complete in a Day

Is an uninspired kitchen, bath, or living room cramping your home’s style? If you can reimagine it, you can redo it—often in very little time. Get inspired by these 15 room redos you can complete in a day or less, and enjoy the results for years to come.

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Artful Adhesive

Durable and removable, today’s wallpapers present a simple solution for adding personality to a cold and uninviting fridge while concealing superficial flaws. Opt for a wallpaper with a wipeable satin finish to make kitchen cleanup easier, and your quick update could last for years. When picking a pattern, consider abstract or geometric designs that lend a sense of play to one of the hardest-working appliances in the kitchen.

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Marvelous Moldings

Are naked windows leaving your walls looking cold and stark? Transform a stark window—and a whole room—with trim. Add decorative molding to the top and sides of the window and a matching sill to the base for a classic, polished look. Complete the scene with barely-there curtains that provide privacy while letting in sunlight.

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Cut from a Different Cloth

Put budget fabric to work dressing up an awkward alcove, corner, or entryway. Here, a distressed blue diamond print is adhered to the wall with fabric starch to create a winning wallpaper that visitors can’t help but stop to admire.

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Writer’s Craft

When it comes to your next design decision, the writing is on the wall—quite literally, in the case of this highly personalized wall treatment. Handwritten in pencil and retraced with Sharpie, these heartfelt cursive lines are a bold statement with a personal touch.

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Flying Colors

Look no further than a can of leftover paint to add a playful pop of color—and a bit of height—to a living room or nursery. Apply broad stripes of rich color to an all-white ceiling for a color scheme that complements the decor below while drawing the eye upward.

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Walk the Plank

For a match made in design heaven, pair a hardwood bedroom floor with a complementary accent wall made of engineered wood flooring. Here, wide planks installed on the back wall bring a rustic sensibility to an industrial-chic headboard made of plumbing pipes, and an old-timey typewriter table turned nightstand.

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Off-the-Wall Organizer

Vanquish book clutter by consolidating your library on versatile wall-mounted track shelves. Mount the vertical tracks to the wall studs, then snap the brackets into slots on the tracks to support the shelves. The result? Nearly instant storage space for books, keepsakes, and other treasures that merit showing off.

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Pleasing Pendant

Brightening a gloomy corner is as simple as swapping a builder-grade light for a low-effort, high-impact luminary like this one. Thread lamp cord through a wire garden orb, then attach a spray-painted bundle of socket splitters to create an industrial pendant light that costs mere pennies. Remember to stay safe when working with wiring, and always call an electrician to help with jobs too dangerous to DIY.

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State of the Art

If you can’t fly to the Louvre, enjoy classic and modern works of art from the comfort of your own home gallery. Start by choosing a generous expanse of wall for your display. Transform it into a dramatic backdrop by painting it dark navy or black, or leave it soothing white, then cover it with a selection of prints of famous works or cherished originals from your favorite artists.

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Made in the Shade

Is the visual monotony of your hollow-core bedroom doors putting you to sleep? Wake yourself up—and your doors too—with a paint makeover! Here, contrasting color bands in two shades of paint create faux panels that convey a sense of depth and style.

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Back to the Future

A crafty plywood cover-up can transform a timeworn tile backsplash into a modern focal point. Paint an eye-catching pattern onto plywood panels, then mount the panels to the backsplash with Velcro for an elegant and easily removable wall accent.

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Split Personality

Adding structure to an open floor plan doesn’t have to mean shelling out a pretty penny for a renovation. Define zones of activity, and then suspend simple curtains from the ceiling to divide the space, forming two perfectly functional rooms from one.

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Seamless Seams

Is discolored grout prematurely aging your home? Instead of removing and the reapplying grout in a kitchen, bath, or entryway, use a grout renewal product to lift the stains. The process will set you back just a day, but the results can turn back the clock a decade.

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Red on Arrival

Zillow Digs home in Berkeley, CA

High-contrast color and sturdy hardware make for a doorway that commands—and deserves—attention. Create a show-stopping entryway by pairing maroon, navy, black, or bright white with metallic knobs and fixtures that add texture and delight the eyes.

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In a New Light

Zillow Digs home in Scottsdale, AZ

Simple but bold lighting fixtures in this contemporary bathroom enhance the luminescent mirror frames and shower surround. Steal this luxurious look by installing minimalist recessed ceiling lights and contemporary wall-mounted sconces that project soft white light onto the vanity below.

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