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15 Surprising DIY Products You Can Have Auto-Delivered via Amazon Subscribe and Save

Think Amazon Subscribe and Save is just for household items like toothpaste, baby wipes, and laundry pods? Think again. Keep your workshop stocked with auto shipments of these DIY staples.
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A Well-Stocked Workshop, with Just a Few Clicks

If you think the best Amazon Subscribe and Save deals are only for such consumable household products as trash bags, lightbulbs, dishwashing pods, and the like, then you may be missing out. Subscribe and Save can also be a boon for a DIYer’s home workshop.

The regular delivery ensures one doesn’t run out of such crucial supplies as stain, nails, sandpaper, wood glue, and other important supplies at critical moments. Save yourself an inconvenient run to the home improvement store by signing up for regular shipments of essential DIY supplies—and save 5 to 10 percent on your orders to boot.

Paint Brushes

Most paint brushes simply don’t last very long. Even when we clean them religiously and use only water-based paints, it doesn’t take long for dried paint to gunk up the bristles (and negatively impact the quality of future paint jobs). Constantly replacing a paint brush is also expensive. Make sure you have a steady supply of fresh paint brushes and save money by subscribing to your favorite go-to brush, like this 2-inch paint brush from Wooster (available on Amazon).


If you spend a lot of time in your home workshop working on various projects, then chances are you’re using a lot of fasteners. Keeping well-stocked in screws can save as much as 10 percent on the cost when subscribing to regular deliveries of this essential hardware. Amazon even offers Subscribe and Save variety packs, such as this set from T.K. Excellent that includes different sizes, so you don’t have to commit to just one (available on Amazon).

Super Glue

With its ability to create bonds between a variety of diverse materials, including rubber, leather, paper, ceramic, wood, metal, and plastic, you can use super glue in a diverse array of household projects.

The problem is, super glue comes in such small tubes–typically less than an ounce–that it doesn’t last very long. That means it may not be there when you need it. Avoid a trip to the home improvement store by subscribing to super glue. There are many super glues that allow you to save 5 percent by subscribing on Amazon, and Loctite (available on Amazon) is one of the best.

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Whether hanging pictures or assembling a set of built-in shelving, nails are a staples of countless DIY projects and each project uses a different kind. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to have an assortment of nails on hand at all times to serve various needs. A variety pack of nails, such as this one from Arrow, is on our must-keep-on-hand list because it includes an assortment of five different nail and brad sizes (available from Amazon).

Saw Blades

While a good circular saw blade or table saw blade can last years before needing replacement, a Sawzall, or reciprocating saw, blade can begin to dull after just a few uses. If a reciprocating saw is one of the more commonly used power tools in your arsenal, consider signing up for a regular shipment of blades to keep it sharp and ready to go. There are numerous Amazon Subscribe and Save-eligible blade options, and this pack of five from DeWalt is one of the best (available at Amazon).

Construction Adhesive

Some of the best choices for Amazon Subscribe and Save delivery are materials we use a lot of, for a variety of projects. Construction adhesive is one of the best ways to adhere different types of materials to each other, whether it be a glass mirror to drywall or a piece of vinyl flooring to subfloor. By subscribing to a product such as Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive (available at Amazon), you can make sure that you’ll have it in your workshop when it’s needed.

Wood Stain

If you’re a DIY carpenter who spends many a weekend constructing wood furniture or built-ins, chances are you’re going through quite a bit of stain—and stain isn’t cheap! Fortunately, there’s a way to cut costs. Amazon offers Subscribe and Save options for many wood stains, including this color Ebony from Varathane (available at Amazon). Handypeople, rejoice: Purchasing five or more stains in one auto delivery can save you at least 5 percent off your total bill.

Duct Tape

What can’t be fixed, at least temporarily, with a little duct tape? Whether it’s hanging plastic sheeting, securing loose cables, or serving as a wallet, duct tape has a reputation for being one of the most versatile supplies in a workshop. That means it can get a lot of use. Make sure duct tape is always at the ready in your workshop by subscribing (and saving) on Amazon. There are many subscription-eligible brands available, and this set of three rolls from Tianbo is one of the best options (available at Amazon).

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Sanding is usually a less preferred task, but it’s a necessary step when building furniture, built-ins, or any other type of finish carpentry. What makes this job worse is having to struggle with a worn-out piece of sandpaper because you forgot to replenish your supply the last time you were at the store. Keep your workshop well-stocked with this necessary woodworking item and save up to 10 percent by using Subscribe and Save. This pack, which includes an assortment of 12 different grits (available at Amazon), is an excellent option.


Caulk is often thought of as the substance one uses to seal seams around sinks, bathtubs, and windows. It’s also used for so much more. If you’re constructing any kind of built-in around the house or installing baseboards or molding, caulk creates a seamless look between the painted wood and wall. Make sure you always have an ample supply of flexible, white or clear caulking on hand by subscribing to one of the many options available on Amazon. This caulk from DAP (available at Amazon) is one of our favorites.

Wood Glue

If your weekend warrior projects involve a lot of carpentry, then chances are you’re going through quite a bit of wood glue. Since wood glue only has a shelf life of a year or two, purchasing it in bulk to avoid inconvenient runs to the home improvement store isn’t really feasible. Luckily Amazon offers numerous wood glue selections through Subscribe and Save, such as this 2-pack of Gorilla Ultimate Waterproof Wood Glue (available at Amazon).

Shop Rags

Ever find yourself hunting for a clean rag to wipe off your hands, clean up spills, apply stain, or any other number of uses one has for a good rag? Instead of sacrificing perfectly good T-shirts or towels, subscribe to one of Amazon’s rag bundles, such as this one from SupremePlus (available at Amazon). Now you’ll have a fresh batch of rags to outfit your workshop every couple of months.

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Carpenter’s Pencils

There are few things more frustrating than searching for a pencil when making measurements on a piece of lumber for a cut. Workshop pencils are notorious for disappearing just when you need them. Rather than raiding your child’s school backpack for a pencil, make sure you always have a supply on hand by getting a fresh supply every few months. This set of carpenter’s pencils from Bushibu (available at Amazon) are easy to keep track of due to their bright red color and have useful rulings engraved into their sides.

Nitrile Gloves

If you find yourself painting, staining, or caulking most weekends, chances are you go through quite a few pairs of nitrile gloves. Make sure your hands are well protected every time you reach for that paint brush or caulk gun by ensuring your supply of gloves never runs out. There are numerous non-latex glove options in Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, including this 100-piece box from Safe Health (available at Amazon).

Paint Primer

Unless you’re using the same color for everything you paint, it may not make sense to subscribe to paint. Primer is another story. Whether painting bare wood furniture, repainting over another color, covering stains, or any number of painting applications, chances are you’ll need to use primer. Make sure you always have a supply at your disposal and save money by subscribing to auto-delivery of a primer, such as this three-pack from Zinsser (available at Amazon).