15 Wallpaper Trends to Try in 2019

Are you getting ready to wallpaper a plain wall or replace your current passé print with a more trendy treatment? We’ve compiled a list of the wallpaper styles that are trending in 2019—and have the staying power to live on your walls for years without losing appeal. Scroll through to view them all and pick out your favorite, then buy a beautiful and buzzworthy new cover-up for your walls.

  1. Mid-century


    The blend of geometric and organic forms that characterized design in the 1930s through mid-1960s have made Mid-century-style wallpaper a hit among homeowners who desire a balance between order and playful chaos. The “Atomic” print from Dupenny fits the bill with its gently curving shapes and spare use of punchy retro hues.

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  2. Dark


    Far from dreary, dark wallpaper lends both drama and mystique to rooms that facilitate quiet contemplation, be it the bedroom or the art studio. House of Hackney’s twist on a traditional paisley print generously incorporates teal, ochre, and blush to achieve an enchanting night garden motif.


  3. Botanical


    Tropical-themed wallpaper like this Art-Deco-inspired palm tree print from House of Hackney has continued to creep indoors as nature lovers seek out the calming company of plants in their everyday lives.


  4. Whimsical


    Imaginative wallpaper prints that let the mind wander from what’s on the screen to fantastical scapes near and far are all the more alluring in the digital age. The fanciful flora and fauna found on this print from Juju Papers, or this woodland print from Magnolia's line of wallpaper (pictured) can provide the permanent change of scenery you crave.


  5. Jewel tones

    Jewel tones

    The warmth and majesty of jewel-toned wallpaper can help soothe nerves and stimulate conversation in cold and uninviting formal living or dining rooms. In the “Tori Teal” print from Graham Brown, notes of turquoise and amethyst enliven a quaint pastoral scene of birds at rest and lend instant luxury to the room.


  6. Celestial


    Curious about what lies beyond the stars? Celestial-themed wallpaper like the “Cosmos” print from House of Hackney, featuring a backdrop of constellations graced by twelve creatures corresponding to each star sign, grants plenty of astronomical food for thought.


  7. Sustainable


    As eco-consciousness has grown, so too has demand increased for sustainably-sourced wall treatments. This Forest Stewardship Council-accredited leaf-emblazoned wallpaper from Camilla Meijer beautifies walls while preserving the natural resources used to make it.


  8. Shimmery


    Shimmer wallpaper, either flecked with sparkles or sporting a solid metallic finish, continues to transfix with its soft shine and subtle but sophisticated glamour. The alternating curved and linear gold shapes that dot this charcoal wallpaper from Juju Papers make the wall come alive with color when they catch the light.


  9. Floral


    Floral wallpaper like this cheery print from House of Hackney, depicting the icy pink and white petals of a British horse chestnut tree, allows the beauty of spring to bloom on your walls year-round.

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  10. Abstract


    Abstract wallpaper eschews recognizable design elements in favor of inventive shapes, colors, and textures that draw the eye by defying expectations. Sporting gunmetal-toned wisps on a cream-colored base, the “Pavlova” print from Juju Papers makes empty walls look both airy and animated.


  11. Seventies-style


    Sunken living rooms and waterbeds may not have survived the seventies, but the trippy colors of the disco decade will continue to make their way into modern interiors through psychedelic prints like this undulating orange number from Graham Brown.

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  12. Bohemian


    If, like the trendsetting city dwellers that fill this “Hipster’s Paradise” wallpaper from Yukari Sweeney Design London, you share a passion for discovering the undiscovered, you’ll relish the chance to display the print on your walls before anyone else. The wallpaper is one of many non-conformist prints on the market that cater to bohemian sensibilities by celebrating the offbeat side of life.


  13. Animal prints

    Animal prints

    From tiger stripes to leopard spots, animal prints long ago made the successful leap from runways to home interiors on accents ranging from rugs to blankets. Now, they’re making a splash on walls through realistic animal-inspired wallpaper like “Equus” from House of Hackney, which brings a safari alive in your den or living room through its bold zebra stripe pattern.


  14. Grid


    Those who covet a tiled wall but don’t want to commit to the time and effort that comes with installing one can now realistically recreate its polished look with lookalike grid wallpaper. The “Pascal” print from Juju Papers is indistinguishable from cream-colored tiles with gold grout lines.


  15. Flourishes


    The delicate charcoal leaves and coquelicot-toned loops on the “After Chinterwink” print from Juju Papers illustrate how wallpaper in white or muted tones can still turn heads with a few thoughtfully placed, bold-colored flourishes.

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