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18 Times a House Listing Drove the Internet Crazy

It is always fascinating to peek inside other people's lives, and there is no better way to do it than by seeing the inside of their home. That is why real estate listings can be so fun to browse, whether or not you are in the market to buy. And when the internet gets ahold of a quirky gem, it can spread like wildfire. We’ve rounded up 18 of the funniest, weirdest, and most awe-inspiring real estate listings that have gone viral online.

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Sinister Listing in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Zillow Digs home in Cayce, SC

This puzzling fixer-upper comes with an ominous warning: The upstairs apartment “cannot be shown under any circumstances,” and you will have to deal with a mystery tenant who doesn’t pay rent—but does have a lease. 

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Eerie Listing: Strange Features

Zillow Digs home in Cayce, SC

The internet went wild speculating about the upstairs tenant and the state of the rundown home and property, which includes a large paper-clip-like sculpture in the yard and mysterious red paint splatters on the exterior of the house.

Cat Lover's Paradise in Concho, Arizona

Zillow Digs home in Concho, AZ

As this “cat castle” attests, one person’s feline fantasy could be another’s “purrfect” nightmare. 

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Feline Fantasy: Cat Gym Overkill

Zillow Digs home in Concho, AZ

Cat pictures line the brightly colored walls from floor to ceiling, and cat perches, cat accessories, and cat decor make for an “un-fur-gettable” home.

Real Estate Agent Dressed as Panda in Spring, Texas home in Spring, TX

It’s pure “panda-monium” inside this Texas house, where the real estate photos feature a nonchalant panda posing in every room.

Panda Property: Wild or Wily? home in Spring, TX

The reason for the panda approach? It seems a savvy real estate agent decided to take a walk on the wild side—and elicit a few laughs in the process—to draw interest to a lovely but middle-of-the-road home.

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Fake Skeletons in San Francisco, California home in San Francisco, CA

The skyrocketing real estate prices in San Francisco may come as a shock to house hunters, but this property’s listing photos inspire a different kind of fright. 

Good Bones: Specters That Sell home in San Francisco, CA

Maybe the artfully posed skeletons are the original tenants of this 1929 Art Moderne studio, who just popped in for a cocktail and a bit of jazz?

Abstract Art in Newport Beach, California

Zillow Digs home in Newport Beach, CA

Most houses have at least a little bit of art up on the walls, but the interior of this hilltop home in Newport Beach is itself the embodiment of abstract art. 

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Art Attack: Eclectic Tastes

Zillow Digs home in Newport Beach, CA

Featuring an lively mix of patterns and kooky features, this 7,550-square-foot house is like a private gallery, although it’s unclear just how much of that art comes with the home. 

“Versailles in Manhattan” in New York City

Zillow Digs home in New York, NY

If you’d love to live in New York City but pine for a more elegant era, this townhouse, which dates back to 1884, may be just the ticket—although the price is pretty steep!

Versailles: Theater Royale

Zillow Digs home in New York, NY

The opulent $114 million townhouse emulates the Palace of Versailles, with hand-painted murals and baroque ornamentation along with a few modern amenities like this plush screening room. 

Michael Jordan’s Chicago Estate in Highland Park, Illinois

Zillow Digs home in Highland Park, IL

Basketball superstar Michael Jordan lived in this sprawling mansion during the peak of his career with the Chicago Bulls. It’s full of custom touches fit for a sports legend, such as an infinity pool, a putting green, front gates adorned with his jersey number, and a basketball court with locker rooms. 

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The Jordan Estate: Private Court

Zillow Digs home in Highland Park, IL

The trouble with all those custom features is that they can make it harder to sell a home. The property has been on the market since 2012, and it’s been reduced to nearly half of the original $29 million asking price.

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50 Cent’s Mansion in Farmington, Connecticut

Zillow Digs home in Farmington, CT

Rapper 50 Cent has paid a pretty penny to fix up his elaborate 19-bedroom money pit—er, mansion. 

50 Cent: Rapper's Dismay

Zillow Digs home in Farmington, CT

50 Cent sued the inspectors he hired to assess the property before he purchased it in 2003, claiming repairs have cost millions more than they originally estimated.

Mannequin House in Richmond, Texas

Zillow Digs home in Richmond, TX

While this home’s exterior looks picture-perfect, the listing photos of the interior are somewhat bizarre.

Mannequin House: The Lifeless Help

Zillow Digs home in Richmond, TX

The listing photos of the interior show mannequins posed among the cluttered decor and knickknacks. It is unclear if the mannequins were staged especially for the shoot or if they’re a permanent part of the design.

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Toddler Photobomb in Belgrave, Australia home in Bellgrave, Australia

At first, nothing seems amiss in this photo of a charming rustic kitchen in a house for sale in Australia, until you notice the floating toddler head peeking out from behind the doorway.

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Lazy River Home in Miami, Florida

Zillow Digs home in Miami, FL

Who doesn’t want a water park in their home? This tropical retreat has a meandering pool that serves as a “river” connecting three separate buildings on the property. 

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Lazy River: Natural Setting

Zillow Digs home in Miami, FL

A lazy river is just one quirky element of this modernist home, which was constructed in 1968. It was designed to fit around the palm trees that were already growing on the property, and it includes a lagoon, waterfall, sauna, and natural wood details throughout.

Infamous Mansion in Indianapolis, Indiana home in Indianapolis, IN

This bizarre mansion has become something of a local joke to Indianapolis residents, who have been chuckling at its absurdity for decades as it has bounced on and off the real estate market.

Indianapolis Mansion: Rocky Real Estate home in Indianapolis, IN

The monstrosity consists of multiple structures that have been cobbled together, resulting in a strange compound that includes a stone grotto, impractical staircases, a ballroom, and exceedingly odd statues.

Equestrian Estate in The Plains, Virginia home in The Plains, VA

Just why did the owners of this home invite a horse to pose in their listing photos? Was it to showcase the sprawling dimensions of the open floor plan or merely to make sure prospective buyers are paying attention? The answer is not immediately clear, but the effect is certainly startling.

“NOT haunted” Victorian in Dunmore, Pennsylvania

Zillow Digs home in Dunmore, PA

This real estate listing casually lists such amenities as a possible secret torture chamber in a bedroom closet, a “twisted nightmare-world version of a half-bath” in a “partially terrifying” basement deemed a “dungeon.” But buyers need not be alarmed, as the listing points out that the home is definitely “NOT haunted.” 

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Ghost-Free Victorian: Bearer of Bad Dreams

Zillow Digs home in Dunmore, PA

The listing does, however, state that the basement wet bar is the perfect hangout “if you like spiders and bad dreams.” Sure, the house may not be haunted, but you would have to be crazy to go down there. 

Smiling for the Camera in Sarasota, Florida

Zillow Digs home in Sarasota, FL

Two cheerful ladies grin for the camera in nearly every photo on this house listing: in the entryway, the kitchen, even outdoors. 

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Posing Pair: Poolside

Zillow Digs home in Sarasota, FL

Here they are again, sitting on the poolside patio. Although the pair may pose a distraction to prospective buyers trying to use the listing photos to evaluate the home, the women certainly make the home memorable.

Extreme Fixer-Upper in Windber, Pennsylvania

Zillow Digs home in Windber, PA

Though the exterior is undeniably stately, this gutted 12-room historic mansion is the epitome of a fixer-upper. 

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Fixer-Upper: Stunning Ruins

Zillow Digs home in Windber, PA

Double-height columns and graceful balconies make for an appealing exterior, but disaster is evident beyond the front door. The mansion was split into apartments in the 1940s and has since been gutted, but perhaps a brave, deep-pocketed buyer will restore the property to its former glory.

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Over-the-Top House in Detroit, Michigan

Zillow Digs home in Detroit, MI

This funky Detroit house gained national attention for its strangely styled rooms, monochromatic motifs, and wacky tableaus.

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Over-the-Top: Confounding Decor

Zillow Digs home in Detroit, MI

The listing promises to include the contents of the house in the sale price, including cars, memorabilia, clothing, and artwork.

Doll House in Fleischmanns, New York

Zillow Digs home in Fleischmanns, NY

Prospective buyers step inside a life-size dollhouse when they tour this incredible Queen Anne mansion that has been carefully restored and decorated true to its original 1900s roots. 

Doll House: Spooky Residents

Zillow Digs home in Fleischmanns, NY

Although the interiors are in keeping with the style of the house, a few disquieting additions have been made—specifically, the many dolls that populate the rooms, standing creepily at attention in the entryway or sitting in lifelike poses all around the home.