25 Illuminating Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Kitchen

There are so many decisions to make when you're remodeling a kitchen—cabinetry, appliances, countertop material, faucets, backsplash—that it’s easy to shortchange the lighting. That would be a big mistake. Proper lighting is crucial to a kitchen's functionality, and the lighting fixtures themselves can pack a real punch style-wise. Here, we've gathered 25 kitchen lighting ideas, ranging from traditional to ultra-modern, that can both brighten and enhance your kitchen.

  1. Crystal Clear

    Clear Globe Pendant Light

    This two-tone kitchen by Urban Restoration has classic features with a few cool twists. Case in point: the lighting. The globe pendant lights above the island inject a little trendiness yet mesh well with the overall look of the space, and their clear glass enhances the openness of the room. 

    Urban Restoration

  2. Basic Black

    Black Pendant Light Kitchen

    You can never go wrong with black and white. The black pendants in this kitchen by Windle Design & Construction add depth to the crisp interior and highlight the dark cabinet hardware and faucet.

    Windle Design & Construction | David Woodall, Kingdom Works Media

  3. Light in Every Corner

    Kitchen Wall Sconces

    Illumination reaches every corner of this kitchen by Jennifer Ryan Design thanks to the ample lighting. Gold wall sconces echo the gold-tone cabinet hardware and ensure sufficient lighting at crucial work stations like the sink, stove, and refrigerator, while a trio of dark-shaded pendants with gold accents brighten the island.

    Jennifer Ryan Design | Katheryn Moran Photography

  4. Iron Beauty

    Black Farmhouse Chandelier

    The shape of this hanging light fixture echoes the ceiling in this kitchen from James V. Coane & Associates. Where ultra-long pendant lights could have detracted from the effect of the high, angled ceiling, the rectangular chandelier draws attention to it. Plenty of recessed lighting ensures that the large room stays bright. 

    James V. Coane & Associates

  5. Charming Chandelier

    Multi Globe Chandelier

    A little bit glamorous, a little bit funky, this chandelier adds pizzazz to this cool, modern black-and-white kitchen by Crystal Blackshaw Design. This little touch demonstrates how a statement-making light fixture can imbue a space with a whole new personality.

    Crystal Blackshaw Design | Erin Gervais 

  6. A Bit of Industry

    Industrial Style Kitchen Lighting

    Industrial-style lighting in this kitchen by PB Built adds a little edge an otherwise traditional space. The stainless steel finish matches the stove and range hood, and proclaims that this is a hardworking kitchen.

    PB Built

  7. Sassy Sputnik

    Sputnik Lighting

    Looking to go modern? The sputnik-styled light fixture in this kitchen designed by Risa Boyer Architecture provides the finishing touch to an already sleek design. Also note the sinuous glass pendant over the sink. 

    Risa Boyer Architecture | Lincoln Barbour

  8. Well Wrought

    Wrought Iron Chandelier

    Wrought-iron chandeliers are a timeless choice for a traditional kitchen like this one by Rebecca Driggs Interiors. The candle lights and twisting iron rods are ornate without going overboard.

    Rebecca Driggs Interiors

  9. Strong and Flexible

    Traditional Pendant Lights For Kitchen

    The oversize pendants in this kitchen by Beautiful Habitat make a statement without treading too far toward any specific style or trend. While they complement the transitional look of the space, they could also work well if the color or design of the kitchen changes down the road.

    Beautiful Habitat

  10. Cozy Farmhouse

    Farmhouse Lighting

    Lighting goes a long way toward determining the atmosphere of a room. This kitchen, designed by The Good Home —Interiors & Design, is bathed in natural light from the sink by the window. For a cozy farmhouse feeling, a pair of over-the-island lanterns lend a softer glow.

    The Good Home Interiors & Design | Darren Setlow Photography

  11. Modern Farmhouse

    Modern Farmhouse Lighting

    Farmhouse style, which is all about warm tones and natural touches, can too easily cross over into kitschy country. To balance the look, it’s a good idea to add a few modern elements, as was done in this kitchen by A.Sadowski Designs. For instance, the black and gold of the spherical pendants brings a hint of glam to this modern farmhouse kitchen.

    A•Sadowski Designs | Alyssa Lee Photography

  12. Plain and Simple

    Simple Kitchen Lighting

    Not every kitchen needs attention-grabbing lighting. The clear glass cone pendants over the island and the schoolhouse fixture above the sink go hand in hand with the clean Craftsman style of this kitchen by Right Arm Construction. The lighting is in sync with the times but not overtly trendy.

    Right Arm Construction

  13. Something Old, Something New

    Vintage Kitchen Lighting

    A renovated kitchen can have all the charm of the past, without all the inconveniences. Vintage-style details, such as the colander-like sink light, let this updated kitchen stay true to its historic roots.

    Zillow home in Henniker, NH

  14. Sunny and Bright

    Yellow Pendant Lights

    Take inspiration from the sun! Bold yellow pendants add a double dose of cheerful color and bright light.


  15. Midcentury Minimalism

    Contemporary Kitchen Lighting

    Midcentury modern is all about functionality, sleek lines, and gentle curves, and this trio of pendants certainly fits that bill. The narrow lights are also the perfect size for the short counter.


  16. A Little Goes a Long Way

    Simple Pendant Lights

    Statement-making lighting isn't always big and flashy. These long, almost austere pendants amp up the elegance of this pastel kitchen without being large or overbearing. 


  17. Something Different

    Fun Kitchen Lighting

    Why settle on just one fixture? Take a page from this kitchen designed by Restructure Studio and consider incorporating two different styles of lighting fixture. You can stick to a single shape or color for coordination, but don't be afraid to blend different looks. 

    Restructure Studio | Leonid Furmansky Photography

  18. Minty Fresh

    Green Pendant Light

    All-white kitchens offer a great blank canvas for adding fun details like these mint green pendants. They provide a splash of color while still fitting in with the tranquil scheme.

    Zillow home in Cambridge, MA

  19. Get Funky With It

    Funky Kitchen Lighting

    Design is often a balancing act. In this vibrant kitchen, the lighting delightfully holds its own, bringing in a bit of industrial chic while maintaining the stainless steel and white aesthetic of the room.


  20. Go Glam

    Gold Kitchen Lighting

    Homemade By Carmona makes a luxe visual statement with the lighting in her dream kitchen. The rich gold pendants hang like inverted goblets above the sharp white island, lending glamour to a trim, modern navy-and-white kitchen. 

    Homemade By Carmona

  21. Mod Mood

    Cool Kitchen Lights

    The lights in this cool kitchen from IDF Studio hew to the room's overall style. The wood details in the fixtures pick up on other natural touches in the kitchen, and the gold provides a shiny little pop. 

    IDF Studio | Christopher Stark

  22. Rose-Colored Orbs

    Rose Gold Lights

    Don’t be scared off by a trend. Rose gold has been making a splash in the design world, and it's particularly at home in this playful but restrained kitchen. The gold finish of the half-globe pendants matches the faucet and cabinet hardware, and complements the colorful wallcovering. 

    Jennifer Ryan Design | Katheryn Moran Photography

  23. String Lights for Grown-Ups

    String Lights Kitchen

    String lights add a warm glow to a space, be it a dorm room or a backyard deck, but they're just not entirely appropriate for formal home decor. In this kitchen by Jennifer Ryan Design, however, a grouping of dangling bulbs captures the friendly twinkle of string lights, but in a more mature and artful way.

    Jennifer Ryan Design

  24. Vintage Vibes

    Edison Light Bulb Kitchen

    The Sweet Beast replaced a clunky ceiling fan with a simpler fixture. Its clear glass cover reveals a vintage-style light bulb that mirrors the old-fashioned charm of the 1920s house. 

    The Sweet Beast

  25. Mix and Match

    Mix And Match Lighting

    Let your light fixtures show off your eclectic style. This kitchen incorporates three different shapes and sizes of a single style of fixture to change things up while maintaining a cohesive look.


  26. It's Lit

    It's Lit

    Even the functional lighting you need in a kitchen can bring beauty to the space.


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