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30 Ways to Get Organized for $5 or Less

We all wish we could be more organized. Whether it’s the tangle of electrical cords in the living room, the avalanche of plastic storage containers and mismatched lids in the kitchen, or the constant overflow of beauty products in the bathroom, we all have something in our home that could be better organized. While there are plenty of pricey organization solutions on the market, creating a tidy, well-organized house doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. As proof, just look over this selection of inexpensive practical problem-solvers.

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Stow Your Smartphone and Charging Cord

Phones are an indispensable part of modern-day life, but they—and their tangled charging cords—take up valuable real estate on our nightstands, kitchen counters, and other crowded surfaces. This handy Command smartphone caddy will keep your phone out of the way and has a space at the bottom for the charging cord. Available on Amazon; $4.74.

Untangle Your Cords with a Bundler

Smartphones, tablets, televisions, and video game consoles all require cords (or chargers with cords) to keep us continuously connected and entertained. But when we plug them all into the same surge protector or wall outlet, things can get messy quickly. Cord bundlers help keep that labyrinth of cords tidy and easy to manage. Available on Amazon; $4

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Keep an Extra Roll Close By

If you have a small bathroom, you know how difficult it can be to find space for extra soap, shampoo, and toilet paper. But you can always have a reserve roll at the ready without having to give up any shelf or cabinet space, thanks to this over-the-tank toilet-paper holder. Available at; $3.73.

Hang Your Pants More Efficiently

Everyone could probably use more closet space, but most of us have to just make the most of what we’ve got. Fortunately, space-saving solutions help you fit more clothes into a limited space. This multi-pants organizer holds four pairs on each hanger, which will free up closet space before your next shopping spree. Available at; $4.24.

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Make Better Use of Wasted Space

Got major crowding in your kitchen cupboards? This clip-on organizer, which holds produce, linens, and other essentials, can increase the available storage in your cabinets by using what is typically wasted space. Available at Ikea; $4.99.

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Put a Lid on the Cabinet Mess

It can be annoying to have to wade through a chaotic pile of pot lids to find the one you need. Keep all your lids well ordered and easy to retrieve with this freestanding organizer that doubles as a drying rack. Available at; $4.33.

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Stack It All Neatly Away

One of the easiest ways to keep your home clean and uncluttered is to have a place for everything. Give all manner of belongings a proper home with these stackable decorative baskets, perfect for magazines, toys, notebooks, or cleaning supplies. Available at; $4.35.

Hang It High

Truly organized, functional spaces are all about making great use of spare space to keep everything off the floor, your desk, or the bed. This over-the-door valet hook is a stylish and inexpensive way to hang up wet clothes, towels, or even jackets. Available at Walmart; $4.99.

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Clear Your Clutter

Clear storage bins are one of the hallmarks of a well-organized home for good reason: They are inexpensive and easy to stash under the bed or in a closet, and a quick glance lets you know what’s in them. Available at; $0.99.

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Keep Your Accessories Neat and Accessible

Fashionistas everywhere have dozens of necklaces, scarves, and belts that tend to be strewn in disarray all over their closets and drawers. These simple metal hooks keep your accessories visible and close at hand so you can complete your look without having to tear the closet apart. Available at; $4.

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Stash Clutter in Decorative Drawers

Paired with a cube organizer unit, decorative drawers are a great way to keep toys, fabric, or magazine clutter off the floor and hidden away from sight. Not only will these drawers help keep your home organized, but they’ll also make a bold decorative statement. Available at; $4.

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Tidy Your Desk with Office Organizers

Why is it so easy for stuff to slowly take over your desk? A stack of mail, a smattering of writing utensils, and a few notepads can quickly up and make your work space unworkable. Drawer organizer trays keep the clutter under control and make it much easier to find a paper clip when you need one. Available at; $3.49.

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Stop Drips with a Folding Caddy

When you’re doing laundry, the last thing you want to do is create even more of a mess. The patented Arm & Hammer folding laundry cup caddy slips underneath a detergent bottle and creates a small shelf for the measuring cup, putting an end to sticky drips and spills. Available at; $2.99.

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Tote Stuff When You're On the Go

This Y-weave storage bin is equipped with handles that make it the perfect storage solution for carrying cleaning supplies around the house, collecting odds and ends while decluttering, or toting toiletries to a shared bathroom. Available at; $3.59.

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Stash Your Stuff Under the Bed and Out of Sight

Under-the-bed clear storage bins are great for off-season clothes, old yearbooks, extra linens, or any other items you don’t need regular access to. Available at; $3.99.

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Rely On Modular Storage

Compact modular storage bins help you control clutter and arrange all those little things practically and accessibly. If you purchase the matching lids, you can stack the bins securely. When they’re not covering the bins, the lids can even double as stand-alone trays. Available at The Container Store; from $2.99.

Capitalize on the Cabinet Door

When you have limited storage space, you need to make the most of every inch. Don’t let any spot go to waste! Attach this wire rack to the inside of a cabinet door for a smart solution for stashing cleaning supplies. Available at The Container Store; $3.99.

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Put Away the Paper

Even in our digital age, there’s still a lot of paper floating around the house. Whether that paper is your child’s artwork, school flyers, or your favorite publication, you can stack it away neatly in one of these bright and cheery magazine files. Available at; $4.99.

Maintain an Orderly Desk

This desk organizer consists of five boxes that you can rearrange to corral small items like pens, paper clips, staples, notepads, and more. Available at Ikea; $4.99.

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Round Up the Little Things

How many times have you bought a new pack of hair ties or clips only to lose them somewhere in the bathroom a few weeks later? That won’t happen if you keep all your loose beauty accessories together in this attractive little bin. Available at Ikea; $3.99.

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Divide and Conquer Clutter

You’ll never have to dig through your dresser again, thanks to these handy drawer dividers. Available at Ikea; $1.99.

Amp Up the Entryway

When you walk in the door at the end of a long day, it can be so tempting to toss your keys and other loose items on the nearest flat surface. Instead, use a stylish felt catchall to keep your stuff in check and your entryway tidy. Available at Ikea; $4.99.

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Mount a Sturdy Hook

A well-placed hook can be your best defense against clutter. Mount this brightly hued suction cup hook in the bathroom, where it will grip firmly to glass, mirrors, and tiles, and provide a perch for washcloths, towels, and other bath items. Available at Ikea; $2.99.

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Hang Up the Extras

Gather up toiletries, baby supplies, linens, sweaters—any number of space-hogging items in need of a home—and arrange them in this roomy hanging storage accessory. Its three compartments and handy side pockets fit plenty of stuff, and you can hang it in a closet or on a hook in the bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere else you need a little extra storage space. Available at Ikea; $3.99.

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Think Vertically!

Perfect for sweaters, shoes, and craft supplies, among other things, this nine-compartment hanging organizer fits efficiently in a closet and is equipped with a hook-and-loop fastener that holds it firmly on the rod yet makes it easy to move from room to room. Available at Ikea; $4.99.

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Manage Your Cables with Magnets

Use the power of magnets to hold your power cords and charging cables in place so they’re easy to find when you need them. Available on Amazon; $4.99.

Over-the-Door and Off the Floor Storage

Whether you hang it over the door or from a hook, this cloth organizer is as cute as it is handy, and it’s great for keeping clutter off the dresser, bed, and floor. It’s perfect for dorm rooms, college apartments, or any spot where a pretty pattern would be welcome. Available on Amazon; $4.98.

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Keep Ties and Scarfs in Good Shape

Slim hangers store and protect ties, belts, scarves, and other accessories. Sold in packs of four, the velvet-coated hangers are gentle on fabric and great for optimizing tight closet space. Available on Amazon; $4.99.

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Pack Efficiently for Storage or Travel

These space-saver storage bags are great for packing the perfect suitcase or storing off-season clothing under the bed or in a closet. They triple your storage space and require neither a vacuum nor air pump, thanks to a valve at the end of each bag that seals air out. Available on Amazon; $4.99.

Take Control of Your Food Containers

Finding the right lid for that container of leftovers is often no easy task. But this “easy find” food storage container nests for compact storage, and its lid snaps into place on the bottom of the container when not in use—meaning you’ll never again have to dig through your cabinet to find the right lid. Available on Amazon; $4.50.

Save on Storage

Getting organized doesn’t have to cost a lot.