6 Types of Cabinets to Consider in Your Kitchen Reno

When a wall of cabinets make up at least a quarter of your kitchen, new cabinets hold the power to create an entirely new look and feel. And, luckily, such a transformation doesn’t if your existing closed storage is still in good condition, you can often get away with replacing just the fronts on cabinets and drawers (a design trick known as “refacing”).

Seeking the perfect cabinet door style your upcoming kitchen or bath remodel? Here are six of the most popular style choices.

Mission Kitchen Cabinets

Mission Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Clean lines and contemporary styling give this Mission-style, flat-panel cabinet door its timeless appeal. Consider Shenandoah Cabinetry's Mission collection, made with a solid wood frame and recessed center panel insert. It comes in 23 finishes, from Maple Natural to Cherry Bordeaux, all available through Lowe’s.


Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Styles

For a traditional kitchen, there is nothing more beautiful than the raised panel with its carved detailing and depth. Shown: a square raised-panel cabinet door in solid maple from Hampton Bay Designer Series' Elgin cabinet collection at The Home Depot in Heron Grey finish.

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Beaded Kitchen Cabinets

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Reminiscent of classic paneling, beadboard cabinet fronts are ideal for kitchen designs from country to transitional. Shown here is a solid maple, beaded cabinet door from Shenandoah Cabinetry at Lowe’s painted in Linen (but with 17 other color options, if you’re not interested in a white kitchen). Flat-panel drawer fronts break up the cottage effect.


Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The clean lines of this flat-panel, wide-frame cabinet door reflects the appeal of Shaker-style cabinetry (which is not so different from Mission style cabinetry). Shown: an assembled wall cabinet from Hampton Bay at The Home Depot in satin white.

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Arched Cathedral Kitchen Cabinets

Arched Cathedral Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Classic and traditional, this Cathedral-style cabinet door features a recessed panel surrounded by a detailed, cascading arched frame. Get the look with Schuler Cabinetry's arched cathedral cabinet at Lowe’s, which comes in solid cherry, hickory, maple, and oak and more than 125 finish combinations to find the right amount of warmth.

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Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Sometimes referred to as "slab," the flat-panel door style offers a clean look suitable for a variety of kitchen designs. In wood tones, it complements a more traditional look; painted in colors, it takes on a modern aesthetic. Shown here is a slab cabinet from Hampton Bay Designer Series at The Home Depot with a water-resistant laminate finish that's reminiscent of a crisp semi-gloss white.


Choose Your Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets - 6 Types of Cabinets to Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel

Cabinets alone can change your kitchen design. Now you just need to decide what style you want. 


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