7 Ways This Multi-Use Vacuum Will Change the Way You Clean

Learn about the revolutionary stick vacuum with the power and features to make cleaning faster, easier, and more efficient than ever.

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seven benefits of the roborock h7 vacuum cleaner

Great in theory, cordless vacuum cleaners can’t always cut it in practice. They tend to lack suction power, conk out before the job is done, or simply don’t clean all the surfaces in your home. You’re then forced to lug around that standard model and all of its cumbersome attachments for a second pass through the house to get a true deep clean. Roborockan innovative vacuum company, is here to the rescue with the revolutionary H7 Cordless Vacuum . This powerful, lightweight, multi-function machine smoothly adapts to the particular needs of your floors, stairs, furnishings, and more. Keep reading to discover the seven ways the Roborock H7 will forever change the way you clean.


Power Meets Portability

roborock h7 power

It often seems that you have to choose between power and portability when selecting a vacuum cleaner. A traditional upright model has no problem picking up dirt, dust, and debris from carpets, but one typically weighs anywhere from 10 to 18 pounds. On the other hand, a stick vacuum weighs only about 3 to 8 pounds, but struggles to lift everything up from the floor. The Roborock H7 doesn’t make you sacrifice either feature. Weighing in at just 3.2 pounds, the H7 boasts a 480-watt motor with an impressive maximum suction power of 160 air watts.

In addition to its featherweight design, it can quickly convert from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum with its included attachments. The agile vacuum is easy to maneuver around your house—or even in your car!


Make It a Mop

roborock h7 mop attachment

Pesky spills and splatters typically require a mop and bucket or towels to sop up, but thanks to H7’s innovative mopping mode attachment (sold separately) you can condense your cleaning supplies to just one. This two-in-one accessory first suctions up dust and debris, then via a water tank and mopping pad it clears up wet messes. Mopping mode features two water settings for more or less saturation depending on floor type, to further customize your cleanup. 


Unparalleled Carpet Capability 

roborock h7 vacuum carpet cleaning

Any vacuum should be able to clean up the visible debris on your carpet or rug, but a great vacuum is one that can handle the hair, dust, and dirt embedded in the fibers. Anything that gets left behind will damage the carpet, cause odors, and develop mites and bacteria. Fortunately, ground-in dirt and debris are no match for the H7’s Auto Carpet Boost feature: 50 watts of power spin carbon-fiber, anti-static bristles close to 4000 RPM for superior cleaning power. The extreme suction and ingenious brush picks up everything. 


Convenient Hard Surface Cleaning  

roborock h7 vacuum multisurface cleaning

No one wants to spend more time cleaning than needed. That’s why Roborock designed its unique multi-surface brush head to move seamlessly from carpet to hard floors, no adjustment or brush-swapping required. And since hard surfaces include much more than floors, targeted attachments snap on with ease to let you quickly clean countertops, window treatments, desks, and tabletops, as well as reach into crevices and other tough spots. Of course, all that dirt needs a place to go—the H7’s ample 500-milliliter dustbin capacity makes for less frequent emptying.


Long Life, Quick Charge

roborock h7 battery power

Cordless vacuum cleaners are infamous for their short battery charge. Some stick vacuum models can only run for up to 15 minutes before losing its juice. Compare that to the Roborock H7 and its LiPo Battery (a 22.2v/3610mAh lithium battery), which has an outstanding 90-minute run time when used in eco mode and a 45-minute run time in normal mode. The H7 delivers consistent suction for nonstop power throughout a complete cleaning cycle. The crisp OLED screen keeps you informed with how much battery life is left, and when the job is done, the battery can be fully recharged in just 2.5 hours, less than half the time of most other models. 


Spotless Surfaces, Cleaner Air

roborock h7 filter

The H7 cares for your indoor air as well as it cleans your home’s many surfaces. Its five-layer filtration system includes multiple cyclones plus a HEPA filter to capture 99.99 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns — mites, pollen, fungi, and other allergens — so you can breathe comfortably during and after housework. The H7 even comes with disposable dust bags to help reduce dust spray when dumping, and you can wash the filters, cyclone, and dustbin.


Superior Storage

roborock h7 magbase storage

Tired of trying to lodge accessories into tricky slots? Irritated over a lost attachment? Those frustrations are all in the past via the H7’s unique magnetic easy store system, MagBase™.  All accessories adhere right onto the dock itself as well as other magnetic surfaces, such as the side of a major appliance. Pieces collect easily for compact vertical storage anywhere, so you never have to go searching around the house for missing pieces or jam gear into awkward spots.


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