8 Clever Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper

Once you've torn through the stack of presents on Christmas morning, you're likely left swimming in a sea of wrapping paper scraps. If you're in the camp that feels wasteful to use so much paper for only a night, you're in luck. What if we told you that you could actually repurpose all this festive package cover? From seasonal accents to year-round home decor, here are eight ways to reinvent the wrap.

Inside the Box

DIY Packaging

Flip-flop the role of your wrapping paper by using it as colorful filler for the inside of your packages. You can shred the paper easily by flattening out small pieces and sending them through a paper shredder or stacking the used sheets, rolling them up, and snipping off the end to make thin coils.


Strands of Gold

DIY Garland

This pretty garland features only two materials: the paper of your choice and some sturdy thread to string it all together. Start by cutting round circles from your paper (which is easiest if you use a die-cut hole punch). Although you can use any paper you wish, remember: metallic wrapping paper adds real shine!


Use Your Marbles

DIY Magnets

Not only are these adorable mini magnets a snap to make, but they are also the perfect use for those itty-bitty scraps of wrap that head straight for the trash! Adhere the paper to plain marbles using Mod Podge. Once dry, making it stick to a fridge is as easy as hot gluing a magnet to the back.


Come Full Circle

DIY Christmas Wreath

Turn all that wrapping refuse into a festive holiday decoration with this easy-to-make wreath. Cut scraps into strips roughly 1" x 9," and tie around a wreath form molded from a wire hanger. Pull a bow leftover from the holiday's unwrapping to finish it off.


Pocketful of Love

DIY Envelope

Short an envelope for holiday cards? Making a custom one is easy. After selecting some special pieces of used wrapping paper from the bunch, use a flattened plain envelope to trace your pattern. Then simply cut, fold, and glue—and your handmade package will be ready for some equally thoughtful contents.


Line It Up

DIY Drawer Liners

Who needs boring old contact paper when you can line your drawers with any paper you want? The heavier weight holiday wraps work best here; iron out any wrinkles, then cut to size and hold in place with an archival quality mounting glue.


It's a Wrap

DIY Candle Holders

Here's a crafty endeavor that will make you smile all year long: Plain glass candle holders are adorned (again, leveraging the almighty Mod Podge) with leftover wrapping paper for a completely custom look. Thinner pieces of wrap like tissue paper are perfect for masking the candle glow.


Magical Mobile

DIY Mobile

With the help of downloadable template from PaperMatrix, you can weave this sweet balloon mobile in an afternoon. Feel free to use solid papers, patterned papers, or a mix—the result will be as creative as you are.


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