8 Organizers You Need for Everyday Clutter

Organizing your life can feel like a constant battle. Calm the chaos with these 8 neat and nifty storage ideas. Each one is so simple and essential, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them.

  1. Spin Me Right Round

    Bamboo Lazy Susan

    If you haven't yet been converted to the ways of the lazy Susan, simply place one in your cabinets or out on the table for a finer understanding of accessibility. You'll never want to go back to the days of reaching for one thing and inadvertently knocking over another! Available at The Container Store; $10.

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  2. On the Job

    Desktop Organizer

    Achieve inner peace with your desktop. Pen Zen’s specialized rubber interior holds writing utensils in place, while a magnet beneath the bamboo veneer attracts paper clips and other metal accessories to the sides. Available at Quirky; $13.

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  3. That's a Wrap

    CableKeep for iPhone Cords

    Keep your charging cords kempt. The Goldie CableKeep slides over an Apple charger plug and creates a space to wrap the remaining cord. No more knots to contend with when you're on the go, and now you're carrying an adorable goldfish. Win-win. Available at The Container Store; $13.

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  4. Can It

    Pantry Organizer

    Don’t let loose dry goods become a jumble of half-full bags in your pantry. Maximize your space efficiency with this modular assembly of glass canisters. They fit and stack neatly into a rotating carousel for quick and easy access. Available on Amazon; $60.


  5. In the Bag

    Grocery Bag Storage

    End your plastic bag clutter once and for all! This sleekly designed grocery bag holder from Simple Human will keep plastic grocery bags neatly tucked away and easy to grab when you're ready to reuse them. Available on Amazon; $17.

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  6. On the Grid


    Gone are the days of digging for phones, cameras, batteries, headphones, chargers, and other odds and ends in the depths of your bag. Instead, keep all your electronic accoutrements contained with GRID-IT. A basket weave of rubberized elastic straps lets you hold items in endless configurations, and the sturdy organizer slips easily into your backpack, briefcase, or purse. Available at The Container Store; $15.


  7. Put It in Writing

    Cable Labels

    Color-code and label all those cords behind the media center, and you’ll never again have to go on a trial-and-error hunt to figure out which plug to pull out of the wall. Each of these cable IDs wraps around a cord’s end and has space to write on with a ballpoint pen or marker. Exhale. Available at The Container Store; $8.

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  8. Life Is the Bubbles

    Shower Squid

    The Shower Squid wraps its tentacles around your loose bottles and brushes to keep them from falling into the tub...and you’ll never be lonely in the looAvailable at Uncommon Goods; $36 each.

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