8 Other Uses for Closet Space

Whether it's a narrow cupboard for linen or a full-blown walk-in, a well-placed closet is one of the most coveted features of any house. But if storage isn't an issue, these handy enclosures can be easily transformed into a variety of tiny, useful spaces for work and play. These nooks allow folks to carve out something they might not otherwise have room for, such as a wine bar, playroom, or small office. Closet doors can keep these fun spaces a secret, or they can be removed entirely to integrate an alcove into the larger room. Click through our online gallery to browse for ideas to inspire your own closet transformation.

  1. Reading Oasis

    Reading Nook

    What's one of the coolest things you can make from a spare closet? A reading nook, of course. Take a gander at this undeniably charming nook from Thrifty Decor Chick. Perfect for kids, this small getaway incorporates plenty of bookshelves on the wall and offers additional storage space underneath the built-in bench.

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  2. Out-of-Sight Office

    Small Home Office Ideas

    Those who work at home know the importance of keeping the living space separate from the office. But if you're wary of devoting an entire bedroom to office space, tucking your desk into a closet makes for an efficient alternative. With the door removed from the hinges, even claustrophobics can work in a pint-size office.

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  3. Sleeping Quarters

    Bed in Closet

    If your closet is big enough to fit a twin mattress, you have the makings for a cozy bedtime retreat. And if you decide to bunk two beds—as this family did—you'll not only create a cool, fort-like kids' room, but you'll also leave the rest of the bedroom open for play, storage, or a homework station.

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  4. Hidden Mudroom

    Closet to Mudroom

    Mudrooms provide a barrier between the dirty outside world and your clean house. But not every home comes equipped with such a dedicated area. That's what prompted The Diligent One to clean out a hall closet and transform it into a place to hang coats, kick off shoes, and deposit backpacks and bags, creating the perfect low-budget alternative.

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  5. Room for a Drink

    Small Home Bar

    A closet space under the stairs provides the ideal nook for a classy at-home bar, complete with well-stocked shelves, a countertop, and wine chiller. Opt for an open-bar policy by taking the closet door off the hinges, or keep the door intact so you can lock up the bar to keep the kids out.

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  6. No Grownups Allowed

    Playroom Closet

    A cozy walk-in closet is just the right size for a tiny tot's playroom and reading nook. Brightly colored walls lined with narrow bookshelves infuse the space with joy, while a chalkboard wall allows creativity to bloom.

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  7. Indoor Toolshed

    Tool Closet

    Tools don’t have to be exiled to the garage. Instead, transform a closet into an organized toolshed, any handy homeowner's dream. Your favorite tools will be easily accessible for quick household fixes, and easily stored afterward.

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