9 Clever Organizing Tools to Help You Cut Clutter

Lift the weight of clutter from your mind with the help of these handy products.

A Mental Toll

managing home clutter

There are plenty of reasons to tackle clutter. Clearing clutter can make your home safer—a clear workout space, for instance, dramatically reduces your risk of injury. It also can help calm your mind. Research suggests that having too much stuff within view can take a mental toll and even limit your focus. While the growing trend of chucking everything out is somewhat appealing, sometimes you need to keep certain things around. But to tidy everything up, you’ll need some tools to keep stuff organized. Here are nine smart products for organizing your home from top to bottom.


Kick Kitchen Clutter

drop leaf kitchen cart

Not everyone has enough space for a kitchen island. The Winsome wooden kitchen cart features a space-saving drop leaf design and lockable caster wheels for tucking it out of the way when not in use. This kitchen cart provides extra storage and serves as an added prep space for cooking meals or entertaining. Available on Amazon; $173.99.


Tucked Away

under bed storage containers

Kids won’t have to worry about monsters under the bed if these storageLAB containers take up all the room. Use them to put away seasonal clothing items or tidy up kids' toys. The firm sides of this under bed storage option ensure the zipped containers keep their shape, and the handles make it easy to pull the fabric bins out quickly to get at what’s inside when needed. Available on Amazon; $32.99 for two containers.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

over door hanger

Those living in homes that lack closet space know that it’s tough to find available storage for accessories like purses or jewelry. Take advantage of the area above and behind doors and hang this bronze-colored rack from Lynk. Use it to hang coats, ties, belts, scarves, or hats. A foam backing protects doors, and a steel design ensures durability and strength. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

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Corral Your Cords

electric cord sleeve

Wayward cables are a common source of visual clutter. In an office full of gadgets or a living room equipped with multiple streaming and video game devices, cables can quickly turn a tidy space into one that’s messy and hard to clean. Use the JOTO cable management sleeve to put all these wires and cables together in one neat package. The flexible neoprene design accommodates multiple cable sizes—each fitting up to 10 cables. Available on Amazon; $13.95 for a pack of 4.


Lock It Up

storage cabinet

If the home office is missing a closet or there simply is nowhere to store the stuff that’s piled up in the garage, a storage cabinet can help. Keep tools or important documents tucked away with this lockable storage cabinet from Fedmax. It features adjustable shelves and can hold up to 900 pounds in total. The heavy-duty storage solution also has leg levelers so it can sit on an uneven surface. Available on Amazon; $269.99.


Go Vertical

clear storage container

These clear, stackable bins from mDesign can help organize a messy office closet or cluttered craft workshop. These storage bins are food-safe, so they even can turn the fridge into an Instagrammable food oasis. The clear bins make it easy to spot items, and they’re made of shatter-resistant, BPA-free plastic that’s easy to wipe down and clean. Available on Amazon; $46.99.

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Capsule Closet Makeover

s shape hangers

A small closet that’s poorly organized can quickly turn a work morning from calm to stressful. Additionally, if it’s not easy to put away laundry, clothes are more likely to end up scrunched on a chair than neatly hung. These multilayer, S-shaped hangers make it easy to store pants or scarves in a space-starved closet. Get rid of clothes you don’t need or wear and create a tidy capsule wardrobe that makes cleaning up or getting ready easy again. Available on Amazon; $16.99.


Streamlined Shower

shower caddy

It can be tough to find the right spot to store go-to bath products in a small bathroom with minimal storage. Some showers have shelves barely large enough to put a bar of soap. Streamline shower storage with this compact over-the-door shower caddy. It has two shelves and a few hanging storage spots for a loofah or razors. Suction cups help keep it from rocking back and forth whenever the shower door opens or closes. Available on Amazon; $17.99.


No Garage? No Problem!

rolling toolbox

This rollable storage bin is designed for on-the-go projects, but it also makes a great storage solution for those without a garage or toolshed. The sturdy cart has a grip handle that folds down when not in use. There’s storage for small essentials—24 compartments in total—and a larger bin for clunky tools. Available on Amazon; $76.13.

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