9 Clever Things You Can Do with a Wire Hanger

Wire clothes hangers are inescapable. They seem to multiply overnight, and they pile up every time you go to the cleaners. Instead of throwing them out, try one of these clever ideas for repurposing this common closet necessity.

  1. Caulk Stopper


    Prevent caulk from oozing uncontrollably out of the tube by snipping a piece of wire hanger and sticking it into the opening to form a stopper. Bend the opposite end into a circle to create a handle that makes it even easier to pick up your project where you left off. 

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  2. Decorative Double Duty

    DIY Wreath

    Spruce up your facade with a wreath fashioned from a hanger. Start by bending the hanger into a circle, and then tie ribbons, clip clothespins, or attach floral wire and greenery around the edges. If you’re feeling extra crafty, clip the top of the circle and string pinecones, ornaments, or other decorative items onto the wire before twisting the ends back together. Use the curved hook to display your creation proudly on your door.

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  3. Hanging Holder

    DIY Toilet Paper Holder

    Think outside the closet with this riff on a standard toilet paper holder. Bend the slanted edges of the hanger upward to form a wide rectangle. Next, use pliers to mold one of the sides into a U shape that can accommodate a toilet paper roll, then slide the roll onto the hanger. Finish by hanging the contraption from a convenient spot in the bathroom

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  4. Glasses Garage

    Clever Storage Ideas

    Never lose track of your sunglasses again with this clever hanging hack: Slip one earpiece over the base of a hanger to keep your spectacles safe and organized. You can line up a dozen or so on one hanger, making this an ideal storage solution for your sunglasses or other small accessories.

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  5. Stylish Storage

    DIY Storage Ideas

    Quickly organize your collection of scarves by knotting them around a wire hanger. Or, take the idea up a notch by clipping shower rings to the base of the hanger and threading scarves, hats, and other little extras through the holes. Stash the organizer in your closet or on a hook in the bedroom for an added burst of color and pattern.

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  6. Planter Power

    Planter Ideas

    Make an inexpensive outdoor hanging planter with a colander and a wire hanger. Untwist the top of the hanger and slip one end through the handles of the colander. Re-twist the ends and pop a plant inside. Not only does this combo make for a one-of-a-kind display, but the colander provides great drainage for the plant—it's a win-win!

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  7. Footwear Find

    DIY Shoe Rack

    Shoes can be unwieldy to store, and they tend to take up too much closet space. Get them off the floor and into an organized system with a few of these coat hanger shoe racks. Cut off the bottom section of the hanger with wire clippers, then use pliers to bend the pointy edges into circles. Suspend your flip flops or sandals from the edges, and hang from your closet rod.

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  8. Bubble Blaster

    DIY Bubble Wand

    Entertain kids for hours with bubble wands formed from wire hangers. Shape the hanger into a circle, and use the hook as the handle. Just dip the hanger into a soapy solution to enjoy the excitement of extra-large bubble fun!

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  9. Tech Support

    DIY Tablet Stand

    Keep your tablet clean and safe from cooking mishaps in the kitchen by stashing it in this clever repurposed stand. Bend the two corners of the hanger inward to hold the sides of the tablet, and then bend it slightly at the back for extra support. 

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