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We rely on them for pretty much everything we do in our homes, from cooking and bathing, to laundry and washing the dishes. While you might not think about your water heater on a regular basis, it’s the beating heart of every home and essential for daily life. Available exclusively at Lowe’s, the new A. O. Smith Signature Series® smart electric water heaters give homeowners more control with remote management on their mobile device and superior leak protection for better peace of mind. From changing the temperature of your home’s water to self-sensing technology that detects leaks and automatically shuts off the water supply, A. O. Smith’s new Signature Series® smart electric water heaters were designed to help you manage your home’s unique hot water needs and sleep better at night. Keep reading to learn the benefits of the smart water heater then enter our giveaway every day this month for a chance to win.

Take Control

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The new A.O. Smith Signature™ 300 and Signature™ 500 Smart Electric Water Heaters are equipped with iCOMM™* smart connectivity to  make it easier than ever to manage the hot water in your home. Through the A. O. Smith mobile app, you can monitor your water heater’s schedules and energy usage, adjust temperature levels, and change the operating mode if you’re going on vacation. You no longer have to go down to the basement, squeeze into a cramped utility closet, or climb up into the attic to tinker with adjustments. Improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your utility bills by monitoring and managing your water heater right from your mobile device!

Never Miss a Leak

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Chances are that a water heater that is out of sight is also out of mind, which means it’s easy to miss leaks or other issues with the unit until something goes wrong. That’s never the case with the A.O. Smith Signature Series(R) smart electric water heaters with three new leak detection and prevention features. Thanks to the new built-in iCOMM™* smart connectivity, homeowners receive notifications directly to their mobile device. For ultimate protection, Leak Watch™* uses self-sensing technology to detect leaks and send alerts via iCOMM™ to the A. O. Smith mobile app, and Leak Shield™** automatically shuts off the water supply valve if a leak is detected.

*iCOMM™ and Leak Watch™ included with both 300 + 500 Series models.
**Leak Shield™ included with the 500 Series; optional ad-on for the 300 Series.    

Find the Perfect Match

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Buying a new water heater is (hopefully) a once-every decade only investment, so you want to make sure you’re selecting one that is the right fit for your household. A.O. Smith wants to make it as easy as possible for you, which is why they introduced a tiered-model system for their Signature Series® water heaters at Lowe’s. The four graduated tiers—100 Series, 300 Series, 500 Series and 900 Series—help homeowners identify the best model and benefits for their home’s needs, starting with the best value at the 100 Series and adding more features with each additional tier. You can also use the A.O. Smith Product Selector Tool, which asks a series of questions about your household and lifestyle and recommends the best water heater options and features for your home.