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See the Most Searched for Kitchen Cabinet Color After White

Are you surprised so many people search for this hue?

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Bring on the Blue

A crisp, white paint color can do wonders for a home, especially the kitchen. It’s an easy, matches-with-anything, option. That’s why it’s the most searched for kitchen cabinet color. The second most searched for color is a bit unexpected, however. It’s blue! Not sure why so many people love it? These gorgeous examples prove how beautiful blue kitchen cabinets can be.

Farmhouse Fresh

This example shows how to modernize an old farmhouse the right way. Rather than paint over dark wooden cabinets with a stark white or a wildly vibrant color, this muted blue hue provides the perfect modern pop without taking away from the rustic vibe of the space.

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Rambunctious Royal Blue

Royal blue is loud! To make it work on kitchen cabinets, ensure the surrounding scene is mild. Go for minimally decorated white walls and stainless steel appliances. When you keep things simple, a rambunctious color like royal blue can look like the perfect amount of pop.

Striking and Subtle

Blue cabinets can be loud, but when the hue is as soft as this one, the result is a striking and subtle scene. Add in gray, such as gray flooring and gray patterns within the backsplash and countertops, along with chrome hardware, to keep things cool.

Classic and Bold

This striking blue is a combination of classic and bold. The deep muted hue is ideal for a kitchen that seeks to appear timeless while also appearing a bit unique. Pair with modern gold hardware to keep the theme going.

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Robin’s Egg

Go for a playfully pale shade like a robin’s egg blue for kitchen cabinets. The hue is light enough to feel bright and cheery, appear soft and subtle, and still offer a perky pop.

Inky Navy

A deep navy hue offers a traditional feel when paired with creamy and bright whites. But to add in a contemporary finish, pair it with a bright blue, too, like something royal on a portion of the floors. The result is a fresh and richly dramatic appearance.

Dusty Pale Blue

A dusty pale blue is the ideal hue to achieve a mellow and airy look. The color is an ode to the coast, offering a breezy appeal that pairs well with natural light and crisp white countertops. Dark wooden floors add to the nautical look.

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Blue on Blue

You can still achieve a sleek and simple look by extending blue from the cabinets to the backsplash. The key here is to use a color in different sheen levels on each surface. Use matte or eggshell on the walls, then use a semi-gloss or high-gloss on the cabinets. This will cause the light to reflect off each surface for a subtle contrast.

Peacock Blue

Go for something bold and bright with a peacock blue. This kitchen cabinet paint color is a unique choice that’s light enough not to close the space down, but instead provide a cheery energy. Pair with crisp, classic surroundings like a farmhouse sink, dark floors, and creamy walls.

A Touch of Tropics

Looking for something that’s even more tropical than a peacock blue? This hue is brighter with its turquoise tinge that makes the kitchen feel as open as the endless blue sky. Incorporate natural aspects into the space, like wicker basket pendant lights for a beachy vibe.

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Rich Navy

This deep navy hue adds undeniable glamour to the kitchen space. When paired with antique decor, like brass light fixtures and chairs, along with decadent marble countertops and backsplash, the appearance does a beautiful job of combining the old with the new.