BYOBag: 6 Smart Reusable Shopping Bags

Take the first step in reducing paper and plastic waste by bringing one of these smart re-usable totes the next time you go shopping.

  1. Baggu Nylon Totes

    Baggu re usable shopping bags


    Made of machine-washable ripstop nylon, the Baggu is available in 46 colors, ranging from bright neons to basics like black, red, olive green, and grey. Best of all, the feather-light totes expand to hold up to 50 pounds of groceries. Each bag costs $9, but the price goes down the more you order.

  2. L.L. Bean's Boat & Tote Bags

    Llbean open tote boat and tote canvas bag

    L.L. Bean

    Virtually indestructible, L.L. Bean's Boat & Tote Bags have been made in Maine since 1947. Sewn out of heavy-duty 24-ounce cotton canvas, these sturdy workhorses have reinforced flat bottoms and have been tested to hold an impressive 500 pounds! The classic carryalls come in four sizes and can be ordered with regular or long handles. Priced from $19.95 to $34.95. Bonus: monogramming costs just $8.

  3. Reuseit Earth Tote

    Reusit earthtote shopping bag


    Created as an alternative to single-use grocery sacks, the original Reuseit Earth Tote stands up on its own for easy packing and folds just like a paper bag. Made with armor-like 600-denier Cordura nylon, this ultra-durable number is backed by Reuseit’s lifetime guarantee. Available in tan and black, the totes sell for $9.95 (get 10 percent off for 2 or more).

  4. Chico Bag Serpentine Sling

    Bag slideshow 4


    Made of 99% recycled plastic, Chico Bag’s Serpentine Sling can handle up to 40 pounds of groceries, plus its sleek messenger-bag styling makes it ideal for bikers and subway commuters. Available in nine color combinations, the bag retails for $14.99.

  5. EcoBags String Bag

    Eco bags cotton classic string long handle rev


    The stretchy cotton webbing of Ecobag’s Classic String Bag expands to hold up to 40 pounds. Available in black and natural, the bags cost $7.99.

  6. Ballard Market Pannier

    Public's bikes ballard market single pannier

    Public Bikes

    A versatile bag for city dwellers and bike commuters, Public’s Ballard Market Single Pannier works great for picking up groceries after work. Wear it as a tote or backpack or clip it onto the rear rack of most bikes and pedal home. Available in black, red, or grey, the bag costs $62.

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