Control Kids' Clutter with 7 Creative DIYs

If kids are in the household, toys naturally follow. Parents soon find themselves facing herds of stuffed animals and towering piles of playthings. Luckily, some creative moms and dads have figured out excellent ways to corral the kid clutter. Read on for 7 ingenious DIY ways to keep toys in their place.

Great Crates

DIY Crate

When you need storage that stands up to rough-and-tumble kids, nothing compares to a sturdy wooden crate. This handy homeowner constructed a set from wooden planks, then stained them for a finished look. If you're not a woodworker, you can find similar crates in craft stores.

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All Dolled Up

Barbie Storage

Vertical storage is always a smart solution when space is tight and toys are plentiful. A Barbie collection of impressive proportions finds a tidy home in this custom-stitched organizer that hangs on the back of a door. No sewing skills? No problem! A hanging shoe organizer will do the same job.

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Stuffed-Animal Swing

DIY Hanging Shelves

A homemade triple-level swing holds a whole herd of plush toys and can be constructed for pennies from scrap wood and rope. Hang on to this idea until the kids are old enough to use it safely.

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Plush-Toy Zoo

DIY Toy Storage

At first, this mom tried storing a stuffed-animal collection in bins, but the toys ended up on the floors when the kiddos used the containers for epic fort building. So, she switched up her storage by drilling holes in an inexpensive bookcase, knotting the ends of a few bungee cords, and stashing the plush pals behind the ropes.

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Playful Wall Decor

DIY Display Case

Add a bit of whimsy to your walls—and keep sharp little playthings from getting underfoot—by displaying toys with an artful touch. This homeowner used an upcycled printers' type tray as a display case for Lego figures.

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Furniture with Purpose

DIY Storage Bench

To keep kiddie chaos at bay, parents often turn to multitasking furnishings like storage ottomans and captain's beds. Instead of shelling out for a pricey piece of furniture, this clever dad built a clean, modern bench with built-in storage from a single sheet of plywood.

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Perfectly Pegged

DIY Pegboard

Pegboard remains a storage classic for a reason—it’s cheap, easy to install, and can be painted to match any decor. In this garage, it’s dressed up with stripes and outfitted with hooks and baskets to store outdoor toys and sports gear. There’s even a spot to hang a big roll of drawing paper for outdoor art sessions.

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