Cure Your Cabin Fever with 20 Easy Paint Projects

Going stir-crazy indoors? Stir up some paint, whip out that paint brush, and put on your painter’s hat! Then, get started on these 20 DIY paint projects around the house.

Preoccupy Yourself with Paint Projects

20 easy paint projects

Are you bored or anxious from being inside all the time? Nothing occupies the mind like a new DIY project. Gather the paint and tools to tackle these easy paint ideas. And don't worry about needing to go out or online shop for supplies, you most likely have these things at home. So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get painting.

Answer the Door

easy paint projects paint door and doorknobs

To close the door on a dated appearance, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Plaster and Disaster spruced up her interior doors by selecting a cheerful yellow and spray painting the hardware. Giving worn doorknobs a fresh coat of paint does a lot to make a room look neater, tidier, and well-maintained.

Brilliant Bottles

easy paint projects paint glass bottles

Pull a few bottles out of the recycling bin to create these charming vases. Homey Oh My shares the steps for spray painting bold, bright stripes.

Stick a Fork in It

easy paint projects dip dye kitchen utensils

Sure, you don't NEED to paint your wooden kitchen utensils. But there's no reason not to do just that. Take them down from their spot on your kitchen shelves, then follow Within The Grove's steps for painting the handles of spoons, forks, and spatulas in paint for a modern, dip-dyed look.

Classy Storage

easy paint projects diy chalkboard labels

Why reserve imagination for the classroom? Preserve it at home in these fun and functional chalkboard-label jars. In addition to the jars, all you need is chalk paint, painter's tape, and chalk for this simple DIY. Once they're ready and try you can start your next project—organizing the pantry!

Instructables via mikeasaurus

Wallflower Blooms

easy paint projects diy garden trellis

This vertical herb garden by The Sweetest Occassion is perfect for horizontally-challenged terraces or backyards. To get growing, assemble scrap wood into a trellis with holes drilled in for screw hooks. Onto the hooks, hang mini paint pots filled with herbs to put your green thumb on display in a space-smart way!

Couched in Color

easy paint projects painting upholstery

Everyday sofa spills don’t have to remain a stain on your past—or your old upholstery. Conceal old stains or outdated fabrics by brushing your couch with thin coats of a combination of fabric medium and latex paint. Let the paint dry overnight to reveal crisp, comfy, and colorful fabric come morning!

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Would-be Wood

easy paint projects look alike wood paint finish

Do you wish you could jazz up your MDF furniture? Now's your chance to take the flat-pack side table, cabinet, or shelf to the next level. Neat House Sweet Home shares her technique for creating a faux wood grain finish. With the combination of a few paint colors and the right brushes, you can trick anyone into believing you own sturdy wood furniture.

Mat Finish

easy paint projects stenciled rug

Add some flair to a plain jute rug with this super easy DIY paint project. Print out your stencils, A Beautiful Mess chose a star but you can choose any shape you want, and arrange them on the rug. Once you're satisfied with the placement, cut out the stencils, paint, and let it dry!

Inside Job

easy paint projects colorful inside cabinets

If painting your cabinets sounds like too much work, why not add a little personality to the inside instead? A fresh coat of paint on the interior can infuse cabinets—and their contents—with color and possibility. Don’t forget to choose a shade that accentuates the room’s paint scheme.

Turn the (End) Tables

easy paint projects painted side table

If a wooden end table is looking weathered beyond its years, don’t scrap it! Angela Marie Made proves all you need is some paint to revive outdated furniture. Using black eggshell paint she turned an old honey-wood side table into a cool farmhouse-style piece.

Edgy Solution

Color Code Your Cutting Boards

Skip the colorful—and costly—commercial cutting boards and opt for these homemade equivalents by Dream a Little Bigger. They're more than attractive accents; these cutting board help prevent the spread of germs when prepping dinner. Using a wood burning pen and wooden letter stamps, individually brand bamboo cutting boards to identify their purpose. Paint the edges of each board to complete the look.

Sweeten the Pot

easy paint projects painted planters

To spruce up ordinary planters into these black and white pots, raid the craft closet for acrylic paint, rubber bands, and a paint brush. We Can Make Anything provides the tutorial for using the rubber bands to create the cool effect.

Dressed for Success

easy paint projects painted dresser

If your vintage wooden dresser no longer fits your evolving style, redress the problem with a splash of creativity and a few coats of paint. If you choose a neutral shade of paint, accentuate it with a pop of color on the cabinet knobs or drawer pulls.

Wall-to-Wall Style

easy paint idea painted wall pattern

Redo a small room in your house, like the home office or powder bath, without the mess and commitment of a major paint project. Using a paintbrush or stencils, create paint geometric or asymmetrical shapes on one or all of the walls. Employ black and white for a high contrast finish, or vivid hues to add a playful burst of color. Delineate Your Dwelling shares a tutorial for creating this quick brushstroke pattern on the wall.

Royal Window Treatment

easy paint project paint window frame

These DIY painted windows prove that window dressings don’t start and end with blinds or curtains. On the contrary, painting the trim of a window is an effective and affordable way to create contrast against muted walls while inviting in more natural light.

Photo: Styled by, photography by Christine Dirkschneider Ballard

Photogenic Subject

easy paint project paint a picture frame

Have one or more frames that don't match the style of the room anymore? Paint it! A Beautiful Mess shares the steps for adding character with a patina. The technique makes an ordinary frame look warm and weathered.

Bright Idea

easy paint project paint a lamp

We're quick to feel the need to purchase brand new items for the house and toss the old stuff. Sometimes though it just takes a coat of paint to make something old feel like new. The Painted Hive did just that with an outdated lamp. After applying painters tape over electrical cords, she spray painted the body matte black.

Take the Floor

easy paint project painted welcome mat

Leave your guests a little message at the door with a personalized welcome mat. Cut acrylic pieces to create a custom stencil of a monogram, salutation, or witticism. Adhere the stencil to the mat and spray paint over it to leave behind your note for incoming visitors.

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Tis the Season

easy paint project spray paint ornaments

It's never too early to start thinking about the holidays. Steal some figurines out of the toy box and spray paint them in a metallic shade. Once they're dry put them with the rest of your decorations, so you don't forget about them when it finally is the time of year to decorate.

Find Your Marbles

Finish a Countertop in Faux Marble

Transform dull countertops into a luxury-look feature. This marble-inspired MDF countertop from Earnest Home Co. was created  applying a base coat of paint, then finished with paint and glaze applied with a sea sponge and a feather.

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