Design Ideas to Steal from 9 Beautiful Bedrooms

Whatever your style—bright colors or warm neutrals, bold statements or a cozy feel—you can bring a little individual inspiration to your bedroom.

  1. San Fran Sass

    Bright Bedroom

    Traditional in form and confident in color, this spacious, teal-lacquered, stencil-patterned boudoir (with views of the Golden Gate Bridge) feels like a glamorous command post. With so much visual stimulation, a see-through Lucite headboard provides function without distraction. 

    Borrow this idea: Put a funky spin on classic woodwork by painting it a high-gloss bright.

  2. Color Cocoon

    Neutral Bedroom

    The bedroom is an ideal space for testing one’s threshold for deep and dramatic colors. Whether swathed in a soothing monochromatic color scheme or something less subtle, a room wrapped in harmonious hues is a chic shelter from the clamorous world. 

    Borrow this idea: Add glam to a pared-down color scheme with glossy finishes, metals, and mirror.

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  3. Louisiana Lovely

    Turquoise Bedroom

    From the opulent turquoise drapes to the seagrass rug, an eclectic blend of decor creates a warm and sophisticated disposition in this Louisiana retreat. A large spherical light fixture and burlap accent wall are memorable touches. 

    Borrow this idea: An oversize light fixture makes a great design impact in a modest-size room.

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    House Proud By Valorie Hart/ Sara Essex Bradley

  4. Modern Zen

    Zen Bedroom

    Contrast plays a huge part in the handsome good looks of this modern Zen bedroom, highlighted by the use of graphic black and white details. Minimal adornments and a neutral color scheme direct focus to an interesting over-bed collection of photography. 

    Borrow this idea: Stack a bunch of medium to large books for a cool makeshift bedside table.

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  5. Indoor Camping

    Indoor Camping

    Sleeping lofts aren’t just for kids—they are for anyone who wants to make the climb up and chill, play, or read among the trees in a snug little space. For safety, a horizontally mounted ladder serves as a side rail. 

    Borrow this idea: When brown gets you down, brighten up natural wood joists and ceiling planks by staining, pickling, or painting.

  6. Romantic Reflection

    Romantic Bedroom

    Color and texture play a role in creating a romantic mood in this North Carolina master bedroom, but a large, gilded mirror, used as a headboard, really seals the deal. Besides framing the bed with richness and sparkle, the mirror reflects light all around. 

     Borrow this idea: Before creating a headboard from a mirror, mantel, or other architectural element, anchor it for safety.

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  7. Cozy Elegance

    Cozy Bedroom

    Creating cozy in a room with grand proportions is no easy feat. But in this stately historic home, a mix of antiques, hardy textiles (including a 17th-century Flemish tapestry), and an impressive Murano chandelier manage the room’s lofty proportions. 

    Borrow this idea: Even without a canopy bed, fabric can be rigged on a rod and hung as a headboard.

  8. Sleeping Porch

    Sleeping Porch

    Sleeping outside is awesome, and with multiple swinging beds, you’ve got a veritable sleepover party! With screens to ward off unwanted insect visitors, and fans and blankets to offer temperature control, sleeping outdoors can be (nearly) year-round bliss. 

    Borrow this idea: Uniform beds, indoors or out, make sense in a guest or kid's room.

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  9. Sibling Style

    Kids Room

    Impending mess aside, in this room reserved for triplets, the thoughtful and efficient use of space rivals the attractive kid-friendly decor. Designated colors and areas help those sharing the room retain some sense of ownership.

    Borrow this idea: When you're decorating a shared room for children, color-coding belongings offers a fun way to organize.

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