Finally! 10 Solutions for Your Hard-to-Store Household Items

You don’t sweat the small stuff in life, metaphorically or physically. An unused kitchen gadget gets tossed into a junk drawer and you don't even bat an eye. It’s the big, bulky stuff—be it the camping gear you use twice a year or that 200-load jug of laundry detergent—that literally weighs you down, becoming a chore to store. After all, even the most closet-friendly home has only so much floor space behind those doors! Well, look no further than your nearest wall. Thanks to the EZ Shelf Storage System, you can safely and easily store your heaviest possessions almost anywhere—even overhead. This uniquely sturdy closet storage solution can hold up to 200 pounds per shelf without requiring studs in 1/2-inch drywall. EZ Shelf even tailors its products, with separate systems designed for the various needs of every room in your house. The heavy-duty garage shelving line, for example, can support even more weight, offering supreme storage for loads of up to 250 pounds. Don't settle for an overcrowded floor or closet. Click through for 10 simple ways EZ Shelf can solve your biggest storage problems and let you live large.

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  1. Laundry Supplies

    Laundry Supplies

    No one enjoys doing the laundry, but the task is a lot less tiresome in a neatly organized space with all supplies at your fingertips. Incomparable weight capacity makes the EZ Shelf Expandable Laundry Room Kit hard to beat: Each shelf can hold up to 200 pounds, so those economy-size containers of detergent and fabric softener pose no problem—the bulkier, the better! Plus, the system includes a handy hanging rod for clothes. And an important feature if you have kids: You can secure an EZ Shelf to any wall, up where curious youngsters can’t reach.

  2. Home Gym

    Home Gym

    Getting in shape at home with dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells is a great idea—but where do you stow those weights when your workout ends? With the EZ Shelf Expandable Garage Shelf 2 Pack, you can loft your lifting equipment up on any wall. Sure, most complete weight sets tip the scales at around 205 pounds, but you can store with confidence, knowing that this system (which you put together from expandable high-strength steel tubes) boasts a 250-pound capacity per shelf. Install wherever you want to get fit—it’s a snap, with self-drilling high-strength anchors included—and skip the hefty gym membership fee.

  3. Garden Gear

    Garden Gear

    Working outdoors is one of the greatest pleasures of homeownership, but the hobby comes with some serious storage needs. The greener and tidier you like to keep your lawn, the more likely you are to have amassed some clunky tools. An EZ Shelf Expandable Garage Shelf is just the ticket for storing such landscaping equipment as your fold-and-stow lawn mower, leaf blower, string trimmer, and more. Just as appealing as its superior strength, this modular shelving system is expandable, so it can grow right along with your garden.

  4. Power Tools

    Power Tools

    If "the right tool for the job" has been your motto ever since the DIY bug first bit you, then you've probably already accrued quite the collection, from screwdriver sets to circular saws. The trouble is, you're less likely to use these carefully acquired tools if they're not within easy reach. Choose the EZ Shelf Expandable Garage Shelf solution that suits you best—a single shelf or a pack of up to four. Each 250-pound-capacity shelf expands from 40 to 75 inches, and because they’re modular, they easily join together to create an even longer surface. With the kit's super-simple installation, you’ll be able to spend almost no time putting up shelving and lots of time working on cool projects.

  5. Ironing Board

    Ironing Board

    The secret to your neat, crisp appearance? Your trusty ironing board, of course! To keep it handy without bumping into it all the time or constantly jostling its folded frame in the closet, install an EZ Shelf Expandable Closet Shelf & Rod. It squeezes into a space as narrow as 28 inches and adjusts up to 49 inches, making it a perfect fit virtually anywhere—an alcove, laundry room, or even on a side wall in the master bedroom closet. Just hang the board from the strong steel rod, stow the iron on the shelf, and you’re ready to dress to impress.

  6. Important Papers

    Important Papers

    No home office is complete without boxes upon boxes of documents, even in this digital age. In the past, that meant wasting space on an ugly, bulky file cabinet, but the EZ Shelf 40” - 75” Expandable Shelf with 2 Brackets  provides a place for papers right on the wall. Each sturdy steel shelf is 12 inches deep (the depth of most storage boxes), expands to 75 inches in length, and supports up to 200 pounds. That’s one pesky problem you can file under "solved."

  7. Off-Season Clothing

    Off-Season Clothing

    Professional stylists and closet organizers swear, “If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.” Stowing away off-season garb is a great way to open up more breathing room for what's actually in season. Lucky for you, a wardrobe makeover requires little more than a 19-minute installation of an EZ Shelf Closet Shelf and Rod between closet sidewalls. The organizer, which is fitted together with six high-strength steel tubes, needs no cutting or wall studs to provide you with 40 to 73 inches of sturdy shelf space. Stow binned, boxed, or bagged clothing on the shelf while keeping your “wear me now!” favorites hanging from the rod, easy to find and wrinkle-free.

  8. Emergency Goods

    Emergency Goods

    It takes just one serious storm to remind you to be prepared for emergencies, with everything from gallon water jugs to a portable generator. Once you've purchased these items, however, the challenge lies in storing them securely, out of the way yet close at hand. The EZ Shelf Expandable Garage Shelf 2-Pack meets that tall order. There’s no cutting required for installation, and the two shelves (which span anywhere from 40 to 75 inches each) can be mounted to side or back walls—in your garage, basement, or even a mudroom or pantry. They can even join together to form a single shelf up to 150 inches long.

  9. Bicycles


    While the whole family loves two-wheel fun, no one likes tripping over bikes parked willy-nilly and gobbling up valuable floor space. EZ Shelf to the rescue! The rugged expandable shelves in the 3-Pack Garage System let you hang even cumbersome vintage bikes beautifully, in the garage, shed, basement, or even a hallway. Bikes can be put anywhere by hanging them from an EZ Shelf using a bungee cord or rope. And with self-drilling high-strength anchors included, shelf installation is lickety-split—you’ll be out on the open road in minutes.

  10. Holiday Decorations

    Holiday Decorations

    The holiday season can be stressful enough without searching high and low for where the heck you “hid” the baskets, plastic pumpkins, lights, ornaments, and tree. You'll be able to ease into your holiday routine year after year if you put up an EZ Shelf with Brackets and dedicate it to special-occasion decor. And while you’re at it, add a few more shelves for camping equipment, winter sports gear, and other seasonal storage challenges.

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