Garage Doors Repurposed: 9 Innovative Design Uses

If you’re planning on improving your home's curb appeal by installing a new garage door, don’t be so fast to throw out the old one. Disposing of a large, cumbersome garage door may be difficult—and entirely unnecessary. Those big doors were built to last; they're far from ready for the landfill or recycling center. Whether kept intact or broken into smaller parts, an old garage door has myriad potential second lives. Just take a look at these great projects that use repurposed garage doors. Maybe you can try one of these on your old door or even be inspired to think up your own smart reuse.

  1. A Work of Art

    Rustic Living Room

    If you’re lucky enough to have a garage door made from solid wood, strip the paint and hang the panels. This unique artwork complements a rustic interior and makes for an interesting story to share with visitors.


  2. Garage Door Bench

    Garage Door Bench

    Using two of the middle sections from a salvaged garage door—the better of the two for the top, the other cut into supports, Kim at Reposture created a distinctive outdoor bench for her backyard.  Dressed with loose cushions it serves up even more style and comfort.

  3. Raised Plant Beds

    DIY Raised Bed

    Separate the panels of a steel garage door to create raised beds for your backyard. The best part of this use is that there's no modification required; once they've been broken apart, the panels can be used as is.

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  4. Frame for Artwork

    DIY Picture Frame

    Remove the centers of a garage door's panels to fashion a framing system for an artwork series. You could even add clips to create an easily updated message center for your family.

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  5. Headboard

    DIY Headboards

    Should you choose to reuse your garage door as a headboard, be sure you properly secure it to the wall. An old, worn door can be a great complement to a shabby-chic decor.

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  6. Interior Door

    Porch Door

    An operating glass garage door leading to your screened-in porch will blow the more common French doors out of the water. It will also allow you to take advantage of a nice day throughout the home, not just on your porch.

  7. Display Case

    DIY Display Case

    Unlike many of the other projects shown here, this one—creating a funky curio cabinet—requires some de- and reconstructing. If your door doesn’t have glass panels, remove sections and use chicken wire to create an airy display case like this one.

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  8. Windows

    Wall of Windows

    If you are a fan of natural light and fresh air, installing a windowed garage door in lieu of a wall of windows will give you plenty of both. An operating garage door will also make a much more dramatic impact than windows or sliding doors.

  9. Backyard Privacy Screen

    DIY Privacy Screen

    If improperly assembled and secured, this recycled garage door privacy screen could be a little risky. But if the door has enough visual appeal and you have the structural know-how, this is a great idea for a patio or backyard. We recommend pairing a worn garage door with overgrown plant life for a shabby-chic look.

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