Home, Home on the Road: 10 Houses on Wheels

Do you dream about simplifying your life by downsizing to a house on wheels? You’re not alone. Mobile living is gaining popularity, attracting everyone from young couples trying to save money to adventure-seeking retirees. Some people drive a refurbished bus or tow a tiny house because it reduces their cost of living, letting them live mortgage-free. Others choose the lifestyle for its promise of adventure—they can enjoy the freedom and joys of cross-country travel without giving up the comforts of home. Whether you dream of driving or pulling your own home, you'll find inspiration in these 10 residences on wheels.

  1. Cozy School Bus


    Tiny House Listings

    Miss your school days? Try living in this cozy converted yellow school bus equipped with a wood stove and a full kitchen. Light oak flooring, shelves, a desk, and a tongue-and-groove ceiling add warmth and charm to the homey space. Best of all, when you tire of the view, you can simply drive away.

  2. Steampunk Victorian-Style Bus


    The Steampunk Workshop

    If you’re a fan of steampunk, this bus conversion incorporating reclaimed wood and recycled fittings is just the ticket. While the exterior is painted dark green, inside a combination of pale green paint and oak trim highlights the Victorian fittings, including a New York Angle Lamp — a working kerosene wick lamp.

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  3. Big Green Double-Decker Bus


    Daily Mail

    Do you think a wheeled home means tiny living quarters? Not so. This renovated double-decker bus includes two full bedrooms, ample living room seating, and a full kitchen. It took the owner six months to outfit the bus, which has 600,000 miles on it.

  4. House in a Truck



    From the outside, this looks like a large, unremarkable truck. You would never guess that it is actually an awesome house on wheels that includes all the comforts of home, as well as a ceiling fan, warm wood interior, and solar panels.

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  5. Rustic Pull-Along House


    Tiny House Blog

    Built with salvaged material on an 8 ft. x 18 ft. car-hauler trailer, this unique solar-powered home on wheels has a rustic feel. The structure is taller than most wheeled homes, and its many windows, white walls, and reclaimed wainscoting keep the interior warm and bright. Read more about the construction of Colin’s Coastal Cabin.

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  6. Tiny Hotel on Wheels


    Caravan— The Tiny House Hotel

    If you want to try out life in a house on wheels, check into the Caravan, a tiny house hotel in Portland, Oregon. The quaint compound consists of four wheeled homes sized from 100 to 200 square feet. Each self-contained unit includes sleeping areas, a kitchen, bath, and hot running water.

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  7. Tiny Beach House


    Facebook courtesy of Signatour Tiny Houses

    One great thing about houses on wheels is that you can live almost anywhere you can park! Signatour Tiny Houses built this wheeled beach home for a couple who park it on St. George Island, Florida. Just 8 ft. x 24 ft., this lovely little home includes a sleeping loft and air conditioning.

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  8. Awesome RV Makeover


    Tiny House Talk

    A houses on wheels slideshow wouldn’t be complete without an actual camper—but oh, what a camper it is! This beat-up old trailer was transformed into a delightful upcycled home, featuring a clear ceiling for maximum light. Ikea shelving, hooks, and racks keep the small-space interior clutter-free.

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  9. Modern-Day Gypsy Caravan



    Master woodworker Jim Tolpin creates caravans that can be pulled behind a vehicle for modern-day gypsy wannabes. A stained-glass door and intricately detailed wooden shutters give this home on wheels a romantic sense. The chimney vents a tiny wood stove that warms the cozy interior.

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  10. Totally Modern Wheeled House


    Tiny House Listings

    If you prefer a modern, minimalist-style portable home, check out this corrugated tin-and-wood example. At 136 square feet and 4,800 pounds, it includes one sleeping loft bedroom and one bathroom. An on-demand propane unit provides hot water.

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