How To: Make a Pinecone Holiday Wreath

Transform a basic evergreen wreath into a silver-and-gold pine cone beauty.

  1. Holiday Pinecone Wreath

    Final pinecone slide 1

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    While it looks professional and store-bought, this Holiday Pinecone Wreath is actually a simple make-over of a standard evergreen wreath; the kind available at local home stores, garden centers, and in many parts of the country, grocery stores. So don't be intimated—or envious. Just click through and follow the easy step-by-steps to create one of your very own.

  2. Materials and Tools

    Materials pinecone

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    In addition to a standard evergreen wreath, you will need pine cones, spray paint (Krylon Sterling Silver and Gold Plate were used here), a glue gun, and ribbon. If you don't have access to pine cones, you can find them easily enough at craft and retails stores, including Dollar Tree stores which have them in abundance in natural and pre-finished colors.

  3. Painting the Pinecones

    Spray pinecone

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Before you begin to paint, be sure you have sufficient space, a drop cloth or newspaper to protect surfaces, and ventilation. Hold the spray can about 9-12" from the cones, and hit them with a good, even first coat. Let dry for 10 minutes and repeat if necessary.

  4. Adding Some Glue

    Glue gun pinecone

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Using a glue gun, add a dab of glue to the bottom of the painted pinecone. Don't overload it, but be sure to provide a full trigger shot of glue to each bottom. The glue is what will adhere the pinecones to the pine needles, so you want to make certain they will stick and stay in place.  

  5. Attaching the Pinecones

    Place in wreath pinecone

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    After you add glue to the bottom of the pinecone, place it in position on the wreath. Press into place and hold for a couple seconds.  The glue will quickly harden securing the cone to the needles. If you want to follow the method used for this wreath—glue all silver pinecones along the inner circle of the wreath first. Then glue gold pinecones along the outer circle.

  6. Create a Hanging Bow

    Bow pinecone

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Using the ribbon, fashion a bow for hanging the wreath. You can secure it to the original wire frame of the wreath or create a secure attachment of your own.  

  7. Finished Wreath

    Final pinecone final slide

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Hang your beautiful Holiday Pinecone Wreath where it can receive the best vantage point—and admiration.  We told you it would be an easy seasonal how-to. Want to consider another way to transform a basic store-bought evergreen wreath?  Check out the tutorials for our Vintage Ornament Wreath and a Children's Building Blocks Wreath.

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