How To: Make a Vintage Ornament Wreath

Transform a standard evergreen wreath into a dazzler bedecked with vintage ornaments. You'll find a step-by-step tutorial on how to create one here.

  1. Vintage Ornament Wreath


    Nicole Esposito Polly

    There is nothing like a holiday wreath to impart a seasonal welcome to the front door or create a dazzling focal point above the mantel. And you don't have to spend a lot of money to do so. Just follow these simple steps to make your own Vintage Ornament Wreath.

  2. Tools and Materials

    Materials shot

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    In addition to a plain evergreen wreath, this project will require 20-gauge wire sticks, Flora Bond (available at craft and hobby stores and most home and garden centers), and snips. You can find vintage ornaments at thrift stores around the country or opt to purchase new.

  3. Glue the Metal Hanger

    Vintage wreath glue 2

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Since you will be attaching wire to the ornament to secure it to the wreath, you first need to glue the metal ornament hanger to the glass ball itself. Gently ease the metal hanger up to expose the glass opening. Using Flora Bond, place a dab of glue around the glass opening and reposition the metal hanger.  

  4. Securing Wire to Ornaments

    Wiring 1

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Slide the wire stick through the ornament's metal hanger and then bend and twist tightly. Using wire rather than glue (like in the Pinecone Wreath) will allow you to remove ornaments for reuse next year.

  5. Creating Ornament Clusters

    Grouping ornament1

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Once you've attached wires to each ornament, group 3 to 4 together into clusters and twist wire bases together. This will save you from having to wire individual ornaments and make the job that much faster.

  6. Cutting the Wire

    Clipping wire

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    When you've created your ornament clusters, you will need to trim the wire. Using the snips, trim wire length to about 6 inches. This will give you enough to secure the clusters to the wreath.

  7. Securing Ornament Clusters


    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Gently push the ornament bouquet's wire base into the wreath form. You can bend and finesse the wire to make certain it is positioned and anchored securely. 

  8. Adding Cluster Groupings

    Nesposito holiday wreath how to multiple cluster in ornaments bob vila

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Continue to place the ornament clusters around the wreath form. Use your eye to determine positioning and make certain that clusters are securely fastened. 

  9. The Finished Wreath


    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Here you have the finished wreath, a true reflection of your personal style and DIY skills. To see other simple—yet truly transformative—wreath makeovers, consider our how-tos for making a pine cone wreath and one adorned with children's blocks.

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