New & Notable: 15 Lighting Solutions to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Decor

Few activities are more relaxing than spending time outdoors with friends and family—and the fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. There are plenty of fashionable outdoor lighting fixtures just perfect for a yard, garden, or patio that will hold up to adverse weather conditions without sacrificing aesthetics. Available in a variety of styles, including wall sconces, hanging pendants, and stake lights, today's outdoor fixtures also take advantage of energy-saving technologies like LED bulbs and solar power. With so many possibilities to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect light in a flash.

  1. Inside Out

    Outdoor Floor Lamp

    The Amax Floor Lamp brings an indoor classic outside. The traditionally styled, weather-resistant floor lamp has a aluminum and iron structure and a translucent plastic diffuser. Although designed in the proportions of a table lamp, the fixture is impressively scaled, available in two dramatic sizes: one more than six feet tall, and another more than seven feet.

  2. Honey, I Blew Up the Lamp

    JJ Table Lamp

    This oversize outdoor spin on the iconic JJ table lamp—aptly named the Great JJ Outdoor—features the same design details as its smaller counterpart, including the adjustable arm and body. This playful fixture will make a bold statement in any outdoor space.

  3. Barnyard Chic

    Warehouse Style Wall Fixture

    The Carson Straight Arm Wall Mount modernizes a classic industrial light from the 1880s with a splash of bright color. The lightweight, durable aluminum fixture is available in three arm-projection lengths and several different shade styles and colors. A period-authentic acorn finial adds a touch of flair.

  4. Solar Power

    Solar Garden Lights

    These solar lights from IKEA are an easy way to light up pathways or gardens. Simply place them in your yard or patio, and after a day of charging, they will emit about 12 hours of warm white light. At less than $10 each, they are a smart, affordable solution for a dark walkway.

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  5. Beautiful Breakup

    Indirect Outdoor Lighting

    True to its name, the new Break Lamp from Vibia creates the illusion that a block has separated from the lamp's vertical base and is floating above it, leaving space for warm light to emerge from within. The subtle light can be used to mark pathways or illuminate small spaces without the glare of direct light.

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  6. Making a Point

    Aluminum Outdoor Light

    The sculptural Javelot Macro light by Luceplan is reminiscent of a javelin thrower in action. Three pointed rods with lighted LED tips intersect at a joint on the aluminum frame, creating an intriguing study in asymmetry.

  7. Frosted Forest

    Tall Outdoor Light

    Quirky and treelike, the Kanpazar luminaire brings a touch of whimsy to any outdoor space. The large-scale, curvy fluorescent fixtures emit a soft, romantic glow and come in two sizes.

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  8. Fixture Meets Furniture

    Light Up Table

    Blurring the line between a lighting fixture and a table, the Solar light from Foscarini was inspired by hearths; like a fireplace, the light encourages people to gather around. Its hemispheric form can be tilted to 15 degrees or remain flat, allowing the top to serve as a table.

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  9. Bow to Nature

    Cast Iron Outdoor Light

    In its form and materials, the Keirei lamp from Torremato pays homage to the traditional Japanese respect for nature. The cast-iron tube bends toward the ground like a straw (keirei means “bow” in Japanese), creating an expressive form that floods the ground with light.

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  10. Lighting Ahoy!

    Fisherman's Lantern

    Modeled after a traditional fisherman's lantern, this nautical outdoor wall sconce from Pottery Barn suspends a blown-glass sphere within a distressed steel frame, attractively balancing hard and soft forms.

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  11. Bend and Bloom

    Hanging Outdoor Pendant

    The Bud hanging outdoor pendant by Hive can expand and contract for a customizable look that will fit any space. Inspired by a blooming flower, the design incorporates exterior plastic strips that can be adjusted via a metal rod; available in three natural-looking colors.

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  12. Shadow Play

    Outdoor Cut Out Light

    The new AMS lamp features a riot of geometric cutouts that allow light to pass through, generating a dynamic play of light and shadows. The square steel-framed fixture is available in three sizes and is suitable for outdoor use.

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  13. With Flare

    Modern Torch

    The Teda outdoor lamp from Oluce is a modern interpretation of a torch. Its stainless steel base seems to sink beneath the surface of the wall, while its tapered top sends light beaming upward.

  14. Like Fireflies in the Sky

    Outdoor String Lights

    These quaint Café String Lights from Ballard Designs feature a flower-like galvanized shade over a classic bulb. The heavy-duty weatherproof cord contains seven sockets per strand, and up to four strands can be connected end to end, instantly transforming any outdoor patio into a relaxing European café.

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  15. Not Boxed In

    LED Wall Sconce

    With its simple, rounded square frame that incorporates uplights and downlights, the versatile Lab LED wall sconce by Marset can either stand out or blend into its surroundings. Front panels available in wood, aluminum, or a stone-like material allow it to complement almost any wall.

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