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New & Notable: 8 High-Tech Home Security Gadgets

In our high-tech world, keeping your home fully protected is easier than it's ever been. Vastly more sophisticated than those blaring door alarms of yesteryear, today's home security gadgets are discreet, packed with dozens of different security features, require little to no installation, and can be controlled right from an app on your smart phone. Best of all, they're affordable and need neither subscriptions nor contracts. Check out a few of the more popular security gadgets to hit the market recently, and consider welcoming one of them into your abode.

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Ninja Blocks

Even a real ninja would be no match for a Ninja Block. This mini device syncs up to
sensors on your doors, windows, and other sensitive spots around your home. When motion is
detected, Ninja alerts you with a text or phone call so you can take appropriate action.

Rovio Home Sentry

If a manned security patrol is out of your budget, why not opt for a roving security gizmo like Rovio? While you’re away, this robot-on-wheels makes the rounds. When it detects motion, its Wi-Fi-enabled video camera starts recording, and you can access the video feed right on your phone.

Canary Home Security System

With a name that nods to the early days of carbon monoxide detection, Canary monitors for much more than just intruders. In addition to an HD camera and a microphone, it features temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors. Place the device in a central location, and it texts or calls you if there’s suspicious activity.

Lockitron Door Lock

Lockitron turns your smartphone into a key and lets you control and  monitor your doors from anywhere in the world. You can even assign other phones to have access at preselected times, a handy feature for granting entry to dogwalkers and housekeepers.

Goji Smart Lock

Knock knock. Who’s there? Well, if you have Goji Smart Lock, it’s easy to find out—the device takes a picture of your visitor and beams it to your phone. If it’s someone you know, Goji then allows to unlock the door via an app. The company even has assistants on hand who can unlock your door remotely if you accidentally lock yourself out.

Piper Home Security

Piper is yet another all-in-one compact home security gadget. It
features sensors, an HD panoramic video camera, and a two-way audio system for communicating with visitors (or trespassers) as if through an intercom. You
can install up to five devices in your home on the same network, which means it’s easy to check the front door from the living room, office, bedroom and kitchen.

Sentri Home Security

Sentri looks like a digital wall clock, but since it’s equipped with a motion detector, HD video camera, and air-quality sensors, the Sentri keeps track of a lot more than just the time. Plus, its sleek and inconspicuous design complements the decor in virtually any home.