Organize Your Life with 12 Dollar-Store Buys

Often, a hefty price tag is what keeps us away from our organization potential. The image of an organized closet feels luxe, often custom-built. But with a little ingenuity, the solution to every messy corner in your life is only a dollar-store run away! And we mean every corner. From bathroom to bookshelf, a fix can cost you as little as $1. Click through these inspiring organizational ideas to help you get started on your own shopping list.

  1. Rope It Off

    DIY Basket

    An ordinary apple basket goes from humdrum to Pottery-Barn-cute with a coat of gold metallic spray paint, sisal rope, and hot glue. After you paint, wrap your sisal around, securing with dots of glue as you go. Now use it to store anything—from fresh towels to old magazines, as Dwell Beautiful has here.

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  2. Back to School

    DIY Storage Boxes

    Would you ever guess that these "vintage" locker bins started out as neon green plastic tubs? But with a little Rust-Oleum spray paint (in Flat Antique Nickel), they look utterly transformed. For an extra special touch, Chic California added these tags (which she sells at her store) by poking a hole in the plastic. 

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  3. Bathroom Boutique

    DIY Bathroom Storage

    Without bathroom organizers that work for you, it's only a matter of time before clutter and chaos take over. To make this simple and cheap solution from Saved by Love Creations, you'll only need three glass dollar store jars, scrap wood, a strong adhesive, and a few basic tools.

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  4. Fun & Functional

    Cheap Toy Storage

    Kids can add a lot of love to a family, but they add clutter too. For easier cleanup, head to the dollar store and pick up colorful baskets. Then adorn with custom labels like these from Useful Beautiful Home to give their favorite toys and games a home.

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  5. A Novel Idea for Book Storage

    DIY Bookends

    Stop overcrowding your bookshelves and break up your library using fun and bright bookends. Love Grows Wild replicated the style of trendy bookends using just a couple of plastic animals from the dollar store, scrap wood, and a unifying paint color.

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  6. Tidy Up After Tub Time

    Bathtub Organizer

    Sort out the kiddie toys after tub time by dropping them into dollar-store baskets suspended over the side of the tub. The trick to keeping these horizontally hung? Blogger Heather Drive slipped them onto an extendable shower curtain rod lowered to arm’s reach!

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  7. Perk Up Your Pantry

    Pantry Organization Ideas

    For the storage of dry goods, easy-open glass or plastic containers eliminate the visual clutter that mismatched packaging would otherwise create. Great—so what's the problem? Well, to accommodate your various spices, rices, and grains, you'd likely need dozens of kitchen storage accessories, and at most stores, these essentials don't come cheap. Take a cue from The Social Home and shop your local dollar store for a bargain!

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  8. Tame a Mess of Tights

    Clothespin Crafts

    Packaged in bulk at the dollar store, clothespins are good for oh so much more than laundry, as Lana Red Studio knows. This blogger revisited a messy closet problem—how to organize an overflow of tights—and sorted her legwear out by clipping them up on a wall.

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  9. Separate Out Your Studs and Earrings

    Jewelry Organizer Ideas

    When not on-duty in your freezer, an ice cube tray’s pits work well to hold small, loose items. Try separating out pairs of earrings in a cheap tray from the dollar store, like this solution from Yesterday on Tuesday—then tuck away in a shallow nightstand drawer until your next outing.

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  10. Make Boots Behave

    DIY Closet Organization

    If you own several pairs of tall boots, then you know and loathe how their shafts inevitably flop over, turning the bottom of your coat closet into a heaped mass of leather. Lucky for us, Practically Functional shared a simple, if unlikely, solution—pool noodles. Simply halve a dollar-store pool noodle, then slide the pieces into your bending, bowing boots. Presto! Now your would-be floppy footwear takes up no more closet space than it should.

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  11. Magnetic Magic

    DIY Magnetic Board

    The popularity of flat top ranges and gas stoves have almost made the use of burner covers obsolete. However, with a little imagination and just a pinch of creativity, you can transform ordinary metal covers into magnetic memo boards. Madigan Made outfitted hers with printed paper and matching magnets to post memo notes.

  12. Can Storage

    DIY Pantry Organization

    Pantry organizers can be quite pricey, ranging anywhere from $10 to a whopping $150 depending on your exact needs. Skip the expensive organizers and save some major bucks with these dollar store wire baskets. My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia keeps her baskets tidy and efficient with customized labels.

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