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Our 25 Favorite Tiny Houses of All Time

Some happy homeowners are perplexed by the tiny house craze, while others are ready to trade in their full-size homes for a taste of the tiny life. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you're on, you'll have to agree that this architectural trend has brought forth some truly charming and sometimes ingenious designs. Here are our top all-time picks, from the practical to the wacky—it's all here.

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Matchbox House

Tiny Heirloom, LLC

Shiplap? Check. Subway tile backsplash? Check. Farmhouse sink? Check. This creation by Tiny Heirlooms might be small but it isn’t lacking in any of today’s popular decor trends. 

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The Nugget

Modern Tiny Living

One hundred square feet isn’t a lot, but Modern Tiny Living manages to make every inch count in this livable—and stylish—home that has all the home essentials: full bathroom, kitchenette, and comfy bed. On top of the necessities, the exterior and interior embrace minimalism design with an all-over coat of white paint that lends an airiness to the small space. 

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Teal on Wheels

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Bold color can easily overwhelm a room, making a tiny space feel even tinier. This design from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, however, proves you don’t need to stick to a neutral color palette when living small. The designers looked to the home exterior for color inspiration, bringing in blue kitchen cabinets for a burst of personality next to the natural pine wood walls. 

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Rustic Lodge

Elliott Bay Design Build LLC

Undeniably smart in dark-stained wood and black accents, this tiny house by Elliot Bay Design Build LLC gives rustic living a stylish update. The contemporary cabin even sports a small bar and flat-screen TV for lodgers who don’t want to compromise on modern convenience.

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Sneaky Storage

Wishbone Construction

Many people would never adopt a tiny lifestyle for fear they’d either have to downsize or move most of their stuff into storage. Wishbone Construction’s design addresses these concerns by hiding smart storage in every nook and cranny, meaning residents may live with more of their possessions than they probably imagined.

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Bright and Open

New Frontier Tiny Homes

Tiny living doesn’t have to feel cramped. Take a look at this bright and airy space from New Frontier Tiny Homes. The window-covered walls let in light and hide special features, including a drop-down deck and awning that add livable square footage. 

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Simple and Sustainable

Sol Haus Design

Professional designer Vina Lustado’s small digs reflect her philosophy of living simply and sustainably. The 140-square-foot home works off the grid but still makes room for little luxuries like a gas fireplace and skylights. 

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Beach Shack

Tiny Digs

When you’d rather be at the beach, who cares about the square footage of your vacation rental anyway? This beach cottage on wheels has more than enough space and amenities to keep you entertained after a day by the water. Turquoise and white accents add to the beachy vibe and the distressed wood floors disguise any sand that gets tracked in.

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Beautiful Bamboo

Tiny Digs

From the outside, this home resembles many other modern minimalist tiny homes, but a step inside provides an entirely different perspective. The Asian-inspired decor inspires serenity, which jibes with the tiny home movement’s mantra of simplicity.

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Quaint Contemporary

The Tiny Project

This tiny house represents just the right mix of cozy and contemporary, resulting in an inviting and relaxing environment. The sharp lines exude modernity, but playful string lights and colorful accents bring light and life to the space.

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Slice of Suburbia

This design takes the classic suburban house—flower boxes and all—and shrinks it down a few sizes. Inside, the home has all the basics—plus butcher block countertops, sliding barn doors, and a comfy couch, proving you don’t need a lot of square footage to call a place home sweet home.

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Secluded Cottage

Covered in ivy and hidden amongst a garden, this quintessential cottage looks straight out of a storybook. On the inside, red brick floors and pale blue walls pair well with shabby chic furnishings.

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Garage Getaway

Who would imagine that a garage could look this good? Why, just the homeowners of this property, who transformed their garage into a contemporary guest house. The open-concept layout is breezy and open, and the loft bedroom is so spacious that it can fit a queen-size bed!

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Cozy Cottage

The high ceilings and sharp angles of this A-frame house make it a study in contrasts. A couch wedged into the corner feels secure and cozy, while ample windows in the front of the house let sunlight stream in.

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Whimsical Dwelling

Called the Jack Sparrow House, this tiny home is just as whimsical and quirky as the swashbuckling character in the movies. Its sloping walls and curved windows evoke fairytale charm, while the interior contains practical amenities.

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Tiny Tower

With its dark-shingled sides, this converted water tower would almost disappear among its wooded surroundings—if it weren’t for the bright red door. The house boasts all the basics inside, but it’s the outdoor patio seating and unparalleled views that make this tiny tower a favorite. 

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Concrete Oasis

Nestled along the Mexican coastline of Puerto Escondido, this small structure isn’t your typical beach shack. With its towering ceilings and open doors, the concrete house somehow manages to elevate a utilitarian space into a sleek and relaxing retreat.

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Straight Up

Spanning three floors, this narrow home is roomier than it looks from the front door. The separate floors allow residents to carve out a little personal space, and a porch and patio out front add livable square footage.

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Just Around the Riverbend

Situated on the Clackamas River outside Portland, this tiny house fits right in among the scenic landscape. The many windows let in views of the river so residents can enjoy the scenery even while lounging inside. 

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Converted Container

Judging only from the interior, it’s hard to believe that this sleek and sophisticated 320-square-foot house was once an ordinary shipping container. Now renovated into a modern living space, the exterior walls proudly declare the home’s humble origins. 

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Bungalow Down Under

Resembling a poolside cabana, this tiny home cashes in on its sunny Australian climate by adding extra seating outside. Indoors, a private bedroom (a rarity in many tiny houses) separates the sleeping and living spaces.

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Hidden Escape

This cute cottage is everything a beach retreat should be. Settled amongst leafy palms, the bright interior has a queen bed, kitchenette, and bathroom. But it’s really the shade-covered porch that makes this tiny house a destination.

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21st Century RV

ESCAPE RV/Steve Niedor

Just because you want to take your home on the road, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. The Escape Traveler—with its full-size oven and fridge, bathroom, and bedroom—guarantees that any spot feels like home.

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Contemporary Farmhouse

Although this is a tiny house, many windows and a spacious porch give it all the allure of a regular-sized home. The modern farmhouse sensibility is visible both indoors and out, creating a homey vibe.

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Blue Bungalow

This contemporary bungalow contains only one room, but the layout makes each area feel like its own separate space. And for anyone skeptical of the lack of kitchen space? This home easily fits a tall fridge, two-burner stove and plenty of countertop space.

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Mini Masterpieces

Tiny Heirloom, LLC

Can’t get enough tiny houses? Check out these amazing tiny houses on wheels or take a peek inside these tiny kitchens.