Paint Like a Pro: 8 Clever New Tools Under $10

Whether you're redecorating a room or reinventing a worn dresser, good quality paint and a steady hand will get you far. But even the best DIY painters have the occasional mishap—dropping the brush in the pan, crooked lines, or newspaper stuck to a painted door. Whether or not your work is flawless, you can't put a price on a job well done—or done easier. Hyde Tools offers plenty of painting tools on the cheap to eliminate ordinary painting problems and give you professional results on your next painting project.

DIY Like a Pro

Blue Living Room

Nothing renews a room on the quick like paint, but jumping into a job before you prep can leave you with a lackluster paint job. Before you tape off the crown molding, lay the drop cloth, or ventilate the room, remember that professional-looking painting takes prep work and quality tools—like those that follow here.

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Pour & Roll

Hyde Paint Pour Spout

This multi-faceted tool can be a pour spout for a roller pan, a mini roller grid, or a brush wipe that prevents paint from pooling in the lip of the metal can. 

Available from HYDE at Amazon; $9.50

Quickly Clean Glove

Quickly Clean Glove

Even if you're diligent about using painter's tape and dropcloths, DIY painting can leave its mess—on your hands and tools! The Quickly Clean Glove was developed by a house painter and can remove oil-based paint, caulk, adhesive, and dirt from woodwork, hands, and tools with nothing but plain water or mild soap.

Available from HYDE at Amazon; $9.75

Painter's Pyramids

Painter's Pyramids

Time-starved painters can paint both sides of doors, chair legs, or molding without waiting for each side to dry when using the Painter's Pyramid. They can hold up to 200 lbs of furniture and paint won't stick to them.

Available from HYDE at Amazon; $8.12

Paint Brush & Roller Cleaner

Paint Brush & Roller Cleaner

Once your freshly painted room is ready to go, there's still cleanup to consider. This patented cleaning tool makes quick work of washing brushes and rollers, and can even extend the life of your painting supplies when used regularly.

Available from HYDE at Amazon; $5.67

Painter’s Assistant

Hyde Painter’s Assistant

You'll never deal with another paintbrush slipping into the roller pan with the Painter's Assistant. This multi-use tool features a magnetic clip to keep paintbrushes in place and attaches to paint cans or roller pans. It's also a carrying handle for quart and 2-quart paint cans. 

Available at HYDE Store; $5.94

Multi-Blade Paint Mixer

Hyde Paint Mixer

Forget wooden paint sticks! For fast, thorough mixing, the Multi-Blade Paint mixer attaches to a 3/8" drill and lifts solids from the bottom of the can in an instant.

Available from HYDE at Amazon; $7.09

14-in-1 Multi-Tool

Hyde Tools 14-in-1

True to its name, this multi-tool can tackle plenty of painting prep or cleanup jobs. It scrapes paint, spreads or removes putty, opens paint cans, cleans rollers, and more. And once you finish the job, this tool can even crack open a cold one. 

Available from HYDE at Amazon; $9.60

Mini Guide Paint Shield

Mini Guide Paint Shield

You don't need to hassle with painter's tape to create professional smooth lines on ceilings and walls. Hyde's Mini Guide and Paint Shield can also smooth wallpaper or drywall compound. 

Available from HYDE at Amazon; $4.92

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