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Plug into 10 Clever Ways of Corralling Cords

What would all our high-tech home electronics be without their trusted wires? Not powered up, for one. Even if you opt for a wireless connection, your Internet modem requires a few wires for juice and for a link to the main grid. Soon enough, cables and cords turn your floors into a rope maze. If your home is starting to get bogged down with all those wires and cords, don't get bent out of shape over it—find your way out of the mess with these cool cord organizers. There's no shortage of fashionable conduits on the market to help you keep your wires straight. Here are 10 storage solutions worth consideration.

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Cable Zipper

The Cable Zipper is one sleek way to keep your cables in check. This plastic sleeve with an attachable zipper will make organizing your cables as easy as zipping up a jacket. All you do is clip your cables to the zipper, then zip them into the sleeve.

Plug Hugger

For loose and lonely cables away from their units, a Plug Hugger is the perfect solution. Simply wrap a cord around this nifty little device, then secure the clip to prevent it from unraveling. You can store dozens of Plug Hugged cables in the same box and never have to worry about untangling them later on.

Great Balls of Wire

Cables are designed to reach great distances, but sometimes you need only a few inches. To get all that extra cable off your desktop, nothing works better than these little plastic shells. Just roll up your leftover slack, then pop it inside the ball. 

Monkey Cable Clip

Those webs of cables behind a TV or computer not only look messy, but they’re also a welcoming habitat for dust. Clean everything up by bundling your cables with the Cable Monkey cable tie. When you need to change or adjust a cord, just unsnap the clip, pull out the cord, then snap the clip right back.

Pinza Cord Holder

Taking its name from the Spanish word for a crustacean’s claw, this cord organizer will grip your charger cables like a lobster’s pincer and prevent them from falling to the floor. Place a few in your office and around the house, and make fishing for cords a thing of the past.

CableDrop Mini

For thinner cables that connect to smaller devices, the CableDrop mini provides an appropriately sized solution. Tack one, two, or three onto your desk, and you’ll minimize that mini cable mess.

Cable Capture

These storage caps are like garden hose reels for cords. Just wrap excess cord around the central column. Stack several caps together to manage a bunch of cords, and stow the tower underneath a desk or stand it upright anywhere on the floor. It won’t make your electronics wireless, but it will definitely make them display less wire.

Cord Buddy

Here’s a gadget to keep your cords from plunging to the floor when your mobile devices aren’t plugged in, so the cords are always standing at the ready. A motion-sensor activated night light helps you find your device and cord at any time of day.

Cordies Cord Organizer

Like a mini bike rack, Cordies will keep your cords securely locked into place. Lift one out when you’re ready for a connection and replace it when you’re done, so you’ll always be able to locate your cords.

Make Your Own

Believe it or not, you can also reel in your cables by whipping up your very own cord organizer. Start by cutting a few holes into a small box. Next, reinforce the holes with bookplates and some brads. That’s all there is to it. Now you’re well on your way to keeping cables in line.