Recipe for Success: 10 Easy Kitchen Storage Hacks

With a few simple and fun DIY projects, you can turn your kitchen into an oasis of order where everything is at your fingertips.

  1. Curtain Rod Shelf Dividers

    Curtain Rod Dividers

    Tired of dancing the platter polka every time you need a serving piece? Organize your pantry shelves quickly and cheaply by installing a series of tension curtain rods. Use the rods in pairs to create dividers, then place cutting boards, baking sheets, and other large, flat pieces between them to keep these items easy to access. 

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  2. T-Molding Glass Holders

    DIY Glass Holders

    T-molding is typically used for flooring, but with minimal effort, you can use it to hang a lot of wineglasses in a small space. Simply cut the molding to the depth of your cabinet shelves, predrill screw holes, and secure. Proper spacing will allow your glasses to slide in and out easily. Cheers!

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  3. Mason Jar Storage

    Mason Jar Storage

    If your counters are cluttered with flour, sugar, teas, spices, and other staples that need to be kept fresh but ideally out of the way, consider this mason jar solution. Drill screws through the lids to secure them to the underside of the shelf, fill the jars with ingredients and screw the jars back into the lids.  Attractive and convenient all in one. 


  4. Magnetic Spice Jars

    Magnetic Spice Jars

    First, track down a few small glass or plastic storage jars—baby food jars work well, or you can purchase appropriate containers at any home organization store. Glue strong magnets (available at craft stores) to the lids, fill the jars with spices, and arrange them on the fridge. Put labels on the jars to make it easier to grab a dash of what you need in a dash!

  5. CD Holder Lid Storage

    Tupperware Storage

    Have a few old CD holders lying around? Move them to the kitchen! Organize your plastic containers by laying a wire CD holder in a drawer and storing the lids—upright—in the slots. (Fresh out of CD holders? You may be able to score a few cheaply at a secondhand store.) 

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  6. Curtain Rod Lid Holder

    Lid Storage

    Here, a bracket-style curtain rod is used to hold pot lids, taking advantage of otherwise unused wall space. Measure the amount of room your lids take up when placed side by side, then adjust your curtain rod to that length. Mount the brackets to the wall using anchors, slide the rod onto the brackets, slip in your pot lids, and BAM, you’re good to go.


  7. Shoe Holder Storage

    Pantry Storage

    The words “shoes” and “food” usually don’t go together, but in this case—they're a perfect match. Sling a brand-new plastic shoe holder over your pantry door, and you’ll create a cheap and effective way to store snacks, spices, and any other food items that fit. You can also use it to store napkins, cutlery, water bottles, measuring spoons, small boxes of plastic bags, or any other little thing that comes to mind!

  8. Pegboard Organizer

    Pegboard Organization

    Take advantage of unused wall space in a small kitchen by hanging a nicely painted sheet of pegboard. Then attach S-hooks to it and hang lightweight pots, pans, colanders, and utensils. The board keeps everything organized and close at hand; it can even be used to air-dry damp items after washing up.

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  9. Closet Rack Can Holders

    Storing Cans

    Rubber-coated closet shelves—easily found at any home improvement store—can be installed at an angle to hold canned goods and keep them readily accessible. Thanks to gravity, the cans roll to the front of the shelf providing inventory at a glance. Check out this video how-to.

    Family Handyman

  10. Plastic Bag Dispenser

    Plastic Bag Dispenser

    Supermarket plastic bags can be reused for a variety of purposes, but storing and accessing them can be an exercise in frustration. The solution? Cut off the bottom of a two-liter soda bottle, mount it inside your pantry with a screw, and stuff your bags inside. Pull out bags through the bottle's opening as you need them!

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